Samsung Note8 released, the price is flat, iPhone 8P

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PingWestpinwan· 2017-09-14 05:59:48

PingWest products play reported on September 13th, today, Samsung Electronics officially released the big screen flagship Galaxy Note 8 mobile phone in Beijing. The overall appearance of the

Note8 Samsung design continues the S series of the previous generation, the screen is still a 18.5:9 ratio of 2K resolution in full screen, the screen expanded to 6.3 inches. The national version of Note8 uses Xiaolong 835 processor, which uses 6GB RAM+64/128/256GB ROM to store and supports extensions. In terms of functionality, Note8 has dual cameras, which are the first phones for Samsung to use dual cameras. The two camera with 12 million pixels rear camera dual photo camera mode using wide-angle + telephoto mode, support lossless 2 times optical zoom (optical zoom), in addition, two camera is also equipped with a Dual Pixel sensor and OIS optical image stabilization and f/1.7 aperture. On the Note8 products, Spen has added some special features, one is the input of interest screen, and the other is dynamic information input. The former is a feature mentioned last year, the mobile phone in the status of the screen, you can use pen to complete notes notes, and you can also fixed it on the screen display desktop, which is equivalent to a visible note.

in Samsung S8 Chinese district conference, Samsung adds exclusive butler service to the state line version of S8, you can replace the two half screen, but this time in the exclusive Note8 butler service on the upgrade again, Note8 mobile phone on Spen can buy half price. Payment, Samsung wisdom pay increased WeChat payment, Jingdong flash payment support, bus card also increased ridge Nantong support. In addition, cooperation of Note8 and Mobell bicycle, bicycle camera interface can be scanned two-dimensional code by Note8. Price, Note7 top edition 256GB price and today's iPhone 8Plus 256GB version of the same price. 7988 yuan price.

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