The cheapest countries and universities that compare tuition and living expenses are!

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, according to the latest statistics from FairFX, the London based company for money and travel funds in London, the top European countries with high quality educational values are Italy, Germany and Finland.

Times Higher Education World the company University Rankings 2018 was investigated based on the top universities in Europe, and analyzed their tuition and living expenses, in order to determine the best and most expensive countries and universities. The cost calculator for

FairFX shows that the average annual cost in Britain is more than 18000 pounds, with an average annual tuition of 9234 pounds, with an average annual cost of 9526 pounds.

in fact, some European universities offer a certain number of degrees, some of which do not charge tuition at all.

The most affordable countries to study in Europe

*No tuition fees, just semester fees/student union fees

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, the analysis of the company in Europe which university students were the most affordable, Italy and Germany dominated.

FairFX 's 2018 Top 10 best value European universities to study

", however, the most expensive British universities in the European University 10 places accounted for nine, as the most expensive university in europe.

University College London costs as much as 24353 pounds a year, four of which are based in london. French cafe Cole Polytechnic is the only one outside the UK and enter the list of university.

FairFX 's most expensive universities to study 2018 in Europe

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