The passengers are willing to wait 18 minutes late for the fighter

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data figure: the airport's military priority channel

a bus carrying more than 30 passengers, long-distance bus, actually as a soldier a timeout of 18 minutes before departure & hellip; … mentioned experience shortly before the holiday on the Seventy-eighth. Army brigade sergeant He Shanwen still conceal his excitement.

"well, Wen, the baby will be born tomorrow, 10 days ahead of schedule. Can you come back?" On that day, he received a phone call from his wife. Think of marriage, because the military system of adjustment, flood prevention, new equipment research and other major tasks, promised wife's wedding was postponed 3 times continuously, and in the two years after their marriage, did not take a good holiday, with the wife of the time do not add up to a month. To this end, He Shanwen categorically said to his wife: "I'll be back before the birth of children! "

, then, He Shanwen quickly reported to the superior and checked out the vacation procedures. However, when he opened the mobile phone software from the online booking, but not by frowned: to the day from the station and returned to his hometown in Shandong, is the only feasible bus ride at 2 in the afternoon, go to the provincial capital to catch the last flight. But it's 1:30 in the afternoon, from the camp to the passenger station was also the fastest in more than 40 minutes, the time will not be in time.

"tonight if not return home, you will miss the important moment, the child was born? "A bold idea flashed in his head:" call the bus station customer service, and ask them to leave ten minutes later. ".

thought of here, He Shanwen quickly called the bus station customer service phone, that identity and purpose. To his surprise, the staff who answered the phone agreed to reflect his case to the station leader. 5 minutes later, He Shanwen really received a phone call from the station leader: "the bus can be properly delayed, but you have to get to the station as soon as possible.". "

hangs up the phone. He grows a breath, and when he gets out of the way to the station, the departure time is 18 minutes. Let all the passengers on board did not think of is, everyone is not what important, but a short hair, dark skinned boy bel. Put down the baggage, He Shanwen offered a standard to all car salute, and expressed regret: "wife tomorrow to have children, anxious to get home, let us waiting. "

a short sentence, but let us understand the hardships and difficulties of soldiers.". Someone handed the initiative of mineral water, has also been handed to sweat with a Kleenex, an old man sitting next to He Shanwen and said to him: "young man, not sorry, your soldiers in the flood, earthquake relief everywhere in charge before, you ten minutes, we have no complaints. "

back to the troops, He Shanwen told his comrades about this unforgettable experience, everyone listened, also feel warm in the heart of … …

when the" military first "has become a trend of

- Li Dapeng

since the beginning of this year, the country" priority "as soldiers appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. For a time, airports, stations, ports, hospitals, banks, postal services and other industries have promulgated the "military priority in accordance with the law," the provisions of the active service, disabled soldiers, retired soldiers single service window. These measures fully reflect the importance of all walks of life in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of soldiers, and also marks a solid step in the process of safeguarding the rights and interests of soldiers in accordance with the law.

rarely cite the city as a celebration, love my people, love our army. In fact, the premise of "military priority" is the military figure, "priority" appears in every need of their "battlefield". Similarly, when the "military first" has become a social trend, as a soldier, inside added is more than a touch.

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