Baoqiang Wang Ma Rong divorce trial has basically ended

Baoqiang Wang lawsuit criminal law

wangyiyule· 2017-09-14 14:15:30

Baoqiang Wang divorce trial has been basically completed

entertainment NetEase reported on September 13th September 13th, Baoqiang Wang's former agent Song Zhe traced the suspicion of positions occupied by the police control, divorce Baoqiang Wang again pulls out the water. According to the media reports, Baoqiang Wang's divorce case, the trial procedure has been basically completed, and now only wait for sentencing.

2016 October 18th, Baoqiang Wang divorce case in Chaoyang Court hearing, the case in the prosecution stage, after the divorce, Baoqiang Wang to their six banks to open bank accounts for his property, the book balance of all accounts together only ten, the part of his property was transferred. According to informed sources, Baoqiang Wang's divorce case insider is very complicated, which will involve criminal problems. This includes preliminary evidence that someone has taken over property in the case.

in the complaint, Baoqiang Wang pointed out that Song Zhe was accused and Ma Rong had extramarital improper sexual relations, in the case of divorce at the same time, there are "hidden Song Zhe, Baoqiang Wang transfer of matrimonial property and destruction of family hurt the family's bad behavior, resulting in feelings of both completely broken. "

is understood, in the divorce proceedings in the trial, Baoqiang Wang has reported to the police. The 11 day, Song Zhe caught the news shocking network. Song Zhe, a former Baoqiang Wang agent, is now under police control, according to people familiar with the matter, who may be guilty of crimes involving illegal handling of property related to Baoqiang Wang's divorce. In addition, it is worth noting that divorce cases involve criminal cases, which are rare in previous judicial cases. Lawyer Baoqiang Wang Zhang Qihuai is currently the media remained silent, only in the micro-blog update: "false true and false, no non. "

is understood that, at present, Baoqiang Wang divorce case trial procedure is basically over, just wait for the final sentence.

, but what's the relationship between song and Yang's arrest and Baoqiang Wang's divorce case? According to the provisions of the criminal law, job encroachment refers to the behavior of the company, enterprise or other units who take advantage of their position to illegally occupy the property of their own units for a larger amount. Song was arrested by the police for alleged embezzlement, and informed sources said it might have been involved in Baoqiang Wang's role as a broker.

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