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heard that yawning is contagious?


believe the?

as the saying goes,

" autumn Chunkun spent summer nap, sleep not to wake the winter in March.

you have don't have the recently especially easy to make difficulties.

after the summer sunshine,

clear that playing yawn for many times.

work family lunch time and less poor,

to sleep, the United States and the United States nap,

simply than to eat to a do not eat takeout to.

when you are still yawning,

the earth on the other side of the Spanish town of

Eastern ador has nap act was announced. Good; font size: ""; "" ";" ""; "" "

they encourage residents every day afternoon 2-5 points to take a nap

" although the Lord Mayor, said

this is only" recommendations "is not" obligation ",

but it is enough to make one's eyes brimming with tears.

Spanish is a love nap, "text-align:center

in Spanish, the word "color: style= "siesta" intention, "text-align:center" > is refers to the noon 12 to the afternoon 3 time period. ("("

they love siesta tradition can be traced back to

= color RGB 81, 81, 81); font size: 14px; font family: Verdana, sans serif; background: white; ">30 in the Spanish Civil War.

when years of war let poor people unbearable,

many people have to concurrently several jobs.

for assurance afternoon and evening to have abundant energy to a job,

people gradually formed the habit of napping.

but is said earlier,

region of southern Spain people have a habit of

is one example of Columbo found"

this tradition with the West The invasion spread to America.

others invasion brought advanced science and technology,

they invaded zone to the siesta habit.

although nap more than Spanish.

but the only Spaniard to nap sleep has become a tradition, a kind of culture.

Spanish famous writer, Nobel laureate

Camilo RGB (81, 81, 81); font-size: 14px; font-family: Verdana sans-serif; background: white; RGB (81, 81, 81); font-size: 14px; background: white;" > Jose RGB (81, 81, 81); font-size: 14px; background: white; "> Serra Is the nap as a serious matter, "

even is a sacred thing, "

" RGB (81, 81, 81 font-size:; 14px; background: white); "> put on my pajamas and prayed," color: style= .

in Madrid,

the Spaniards began to hold "siesta contest" from 2010,

in 20 minutes," color: by the doctor

to determine the fastest sleep contestant,

if you fancy dress, loud snoring or awkwardly into sleep.

and extra points. The art of; font size: ""; "" "." "", Madrid, Spain; line-height: ("" "

as early as 5 years ago the city government

also received a proposal

"nap is a kind of important cultural phenomenon / span>

A should be protected.

never can test history since

it is the Mediterranean and Spanish Culture. "

really of can not help but applauded the proposal,

the original" lazy "can also be so perfectly justifiable.


nap industry now as this incredibly still became

Spain a unique characteristics of tourism projects.

if you go to the local tourism.

can experience the "dinner I went to sleep in the nap project,

is, of course, charges.

it is the Spanish style of nap,

let the people here always maintain the exuberant energy.

Spanish cell movement

may also have been napping habits of nourishment is so developed.

Spanish bullfighting and flamenco, football famous,

their football and origin are also particularly deep,

Spanish King's Cup football match now has 114 year history.

when the time in Spain in May 9th,

in Seville football club, held a press conference,

as its official technology partner,

ZTE announced at a news conference,

The Spanish King's cup final.

in the conference site,

Seville football club president JOSE  CASTRO

in his speech to thank ZTE to the team's trust, span>

and ZTE said in a short span of more than two month

give the team a lot of support.

ZTE senior vice president,

ZTE terminal Eurasian CEO Zhang Shumin said:

"mobile phones and football as,

to warm the competitive spirit and loyal fans."

in May 23rd will be the king's Cup final on the

Seville will and the Barcelona team for the final showdown,

" lucky Xing "can also hope and every time before.

help them return. Style= text-align:center "

ZTE smart phone (zte-smart)

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