These 5 things don't indulge the child, the more difficult to correct

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Zhi Liang Qian love children, this is the ordinary animal will do, the most difficult is the education of children.

in real life, many parents in the name of love, rarely criticized some bad habits of children, often harboring shield.

people often say, "there is no such thing as a parent." but if you do not teach and teach without discipline, who dares to say that your parents are not in the least?

every child always have capricious, they often confuse right and wrong, so mom and dad's heart must have a steelyard, what things can be agreed, what things can not be condoned.

love children, please remember to clarify the boundaries of your behavior.

" don't condone child these 5 things

touch, chaotic with others things

there was a hot, a kid to a guest house, the owner of the room upside down, set limit have been destroyed. The value of yuan......

children are very curious, no matter who they are, they want to feel what they haven't seen before, and put on a swing.

smaller children appear to be understood as learning and exploration, but after 3 years of age, the child must be aware that, without his likes, he can play with impunity.

many children in the university dormitory relationship is particularly bad, part of the reason is that the child lack of basic personal consciousness and real rights consciousness, will bring many unnecessary friction for life.

must let the child know that others move their own things, you can refuse, but before taking other people's things also ask others, this is the most basic accomplishment of life.

no respect for the old

some time ago to see a 5, 6 year old child in the bus, only because she did not go out with yogurt, grandson staged the whole martial arts, two beat grandma slap in the face, the old man just to coax a few words, next to my mother decided to play mobile phone.

little age, do not understand respect for the elderly, people sigh, there are many such children in life, a little resentment will vent on the old man's body.

many of our elders, especially the grandmother class, as long as the children happy, doting on their grandchildren, there is no principle.

so the children think grandpa and grandma are good to themselves, and never forgive grandma and grandpa. The grown-ups on the house never told him that such behaviour was wrong, and that it was easy for him to form a tyrannical tyrant.

didn't teach children to respect and pamper them when they were young, and they didn't have any reverence for their elders. When they grow up, they don't blame their children for being selfish.

was not very threatening, angry

in some children want a thing when used with a temper threat: "parents don't allow me to watch TV, I put the rice on the ground! "" do not give me candy, I will beat you"......

in the face of the child crying in the floor, many parents will immediately meet the requirements of the child, if the child is always in this way to taste the sweetness, learn about the conditions, by way of threats to their parents crying.

, for example, the child cried and cried for sweets. You agreed this time. The next time he meets what he wants, the child will still use it to deal with you.

in the long run, what you say means nothing, because he doesn't listen at all.


electronic products in reality, some children are too obsessed with mobile phone, everywhere a child of 2, 3 years old, skillfully, slide to unlock password, find their own often play APP.

children long addicted to electronic products, will show lack of attention and concentration, not love communication, out of spirits.

era of information, it is necessary to completely separate children from electronic products, it is difficult to achieve. But the child is a child after all, consciousness and self-control can not be compared with adults, so parents should help children to grasp the "electronic products" degree".

try to do things and children agreed, what time can use mobile phone, what when not, if the child is in violation of the provisions of punishment, what should be done and what is the reward, in fact, agreed on more effective than punishment.

barbaric rude

, some children love violence, obscenities in public places, lawlessness, regardless of other people's feelings...... Such a child is really not liked.

the most terrible is that parents feel small children, but not sensible. If a child's bad behavior habits have long been indulged by his parents, for a long time will become the quality of this person.

age is small, does not mean that children can be indulged infinitely, the less sensible child,

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