Children always swallow foreign bodies mistakenly, pay attention to these details

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in addition to looking at the world with his eyes, the baby also likes to use small hands and mouth to perceive.

as long as the hands reach what seemed to taste a taste of mouth fortress that, as the baby grew up their curiosity and desire to explore has gradually increased, so the risk occurrence of foreign body ingestion will significantly increase … &hellip

; so as to avoid accidents, parents still have to long snacks! "

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▪ pay attention to the following details of life, good security baby swallowed foreign bodies:

1. every time the baby toys before the first check that there are no loose small parts.

2. check the buttons on your baby's clothes regularly to see if they are loose.

3. will be home jewelry, chess pieces, cards and other small items placed in the baby can not reach the place.

4. feed your baby, eat grapes, Cherry Tomatoes and other small fruit, after excluding the seed, cut or cut into small pieces, and then feed the baby to eat.

5. peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts and other nuts, and then feed your baby to eat, so as not to choke into the trachea.

6. children under the age of 3, do not eat jelly, so as not to occur suffocation risk.

once the baby has swallowed / swallowed foreign bodies in case of new mothers, don't panic.

first hand hold the baby's cheek, and comfort the baby opened his mouth, another hand into the baby's mouth to see whether the removal of foreign bodies;

or to stimulate the baby's throat, will spit out foreign body;

can also try to put the baby head down, beat the baby back to the discharge of foreign bodies.

if the above methods are tried, still unable to remove foreign bodies, the baby should be sent to the hospital as soon as possible.

if the baby eating a small amount of drugs or alcohol containing liquid, may cause vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, heart rate, blood pressure becomes low symptom; if the baby eating a small amount of

chemical cleaning agent, toilet detergent, washing powder and other corrosive, can appear the skin and esophageal burns, even breathing and dysphagia.

encountered above eating some liquid or chemical dangerous goods, the family should immediately remove residue for the baby in the mouth, and immediately rushed to the hospital.

mistakenly swallow foreign bodies, more than 1-3 years old children, this stage of the scope of activities for children to become more extensive, hands-on ability to become stronger, curious about the outside world.

so, it requires parents to pay more attention to these little details of life.

at the same time, in order to reduce the occurrence of damage, when the baby swallowed a foreign body, parents should learn to deal with, do not panic, at a loss.

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