A hand travel company is how to sponsor the Five Major League giants jerseys?

The game Bahamut fury KOG SAGA in the Warring States Period

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recalls, when you saw the last time you saw the five major league teams with the game company Logo, when was it? Nintendo in Florence? Are SEGA and DC on Arsenal? Or only one or two games on the Lazio shirt, "live 2009"? In the "Jinyuan football" background, it seems that we can see the game industry's profitability and expansion demand is not enough to contend with automotive companies (Chevrolet, JEEP) and airlines, but only sporadically in the local league. Only SONY remains in the Champions League, sparing no effort in advertising around the court. To be sure, sponsorship is much more influential than a single sponsor, but investment and publicity are becoming more rational, both a sign of industry rationality and a sign of a scale of industry.

but there is a game company suddenly "guards", the suddenness of a thunderbolt to sponsor six consecutive Serie A giants juventus. Game company long time to capture the European giants' uniforms, although only the back of the shirt. The game company is creating a "anger" and "blue fantasy Bahamut" and a variety of mobile game platform, in the field of animation is Chinese netizens nicknamed "save the Japanese animation industry" Cygames. Behind the


Cygames on Juventus Jersey this is only 6 year old company, how suddenly become a game industry upstart? Its course, or the company's inherent genes, can be a reference to the rapid growth of the game industry in China

the steady progress of the foundry

Cygames done a lot of OEM games, old company it with many games, animation in-depth cooperation. Meng Baogu (Mobage) on the platform of Cygames and Namco Bandai worked several times, from the "Cinderella" super girl "idol master team", to "fighting spirit (battle spirits)" and "tiger rabbit"; and Toei animation company of "Saint Seiya" derivative, and Sega game the ball will create the "cooperation" of the derivative game. Not to mention in the mobile phone platform, more commonly known as "Dragon Quest Monsters" derived Mobile Games "Dragon Quest Monster: Wonderland light", and in collaboration with Namco Bandai's Mobile Games "Cinderella girl idol master starlight stage" (later referred to as "CGSS").

throughout the foundry process, we can see Cygames in terms of digital, or quality of the steady evolution. In the early days of

, the games developed by Cygames were "derivatives" under the big IP, which was based on the original game. In the "Saint Seiya" as an example, Cygames is responsible for the development and began operations in April 2012, derivative works of "Saint Seiya" in the Milky Way card battle, the number of registered mobage but 1 million 500 thousand people, single values at that point, good results, but the effect of "Saint Seiya" audience it is not so prominent. The game is the traditional collectible card game, battle scenes in the game now seems a bit rough, also use the "Saint Seiya" role a lot of resources, provide a basis for multi card. As previously mentioned, the game is based on the above derivatives in "Saint Seiya" popularity "". The game was officially closed in October 30, 2015.

" although Li painting is exquisite, but the battle screen is full of contemporary

but it is in a "derivative works" in Cygames, a step down to the platform of mobile phone OEM, the brave "Dragon Quest Monsters: Wonderland light", won the harvest. The game opened in January 24, 2014, and by the end of 2014, it was 10 million downloads in less than a year. Although the game exists in the "Dragon Quest" classic monster monster design makes Cygames unable to play the Cygames, but in the big map, UI and other design fields full of the deep foundation of art.

officially launched in September 2015 by the "CGSS" Cygames, truly realized "distracting", perennial among Japan's major game download list, class Jinbang the forefront of popularity and almost "idol master" of his racing together bridle to bridle. The game is most worth mentioning is 3D Live performance: relatively hand travel, very fine 3D modeling, idol close-up, rich expressions and body movements, are bright. Even a game player to reflect, the show will make "3D game player can not concentrate on it". This made GCSS stand out in a great number of idol music games and achieve a double harvest of business and reputation. When people refer to the "idol master Cinderella girl", "CGSS" was first mentioned flatly, "distracting" doubt.

Cygames through OEM works, on the one hand, large companies with risk sharing opportunities, successfully accumulated a lot of experience in the development and operation experience feedback into their own works, hand in a variety of foundry works show the art style become an independent school. The latter is one of the indispensable factors in Cygames's achievement.

", "CGSS", 3D performance, at that time it seems
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