Wang Junkai class chat screenshot leaked, four students satire run him, classmate pass

A run on Wang Junkai

499· 2017-09-14 15:52:39

Wang Junkai class chat screenshot leaked, four students satire run him, classmate relations again deterioration of what is the reason? Wang Junkai just came to Beijing Film Academy to report for school, first roommate warning, then net red sitting on his bed live, today there is big net red secret, he was excluded from the students, what is the matter after all? Let's get to know each other!


Wang Junkai was run after things:

Wang Junkai arrived at Beijing Film Academy school, have a lot of yaoezi things, first roommate Wang Junkai warned netizens, then women red Wang Junkai sat on the bed photo live, triggering slobber battle. On September 4th at 11:25 in the evening, micro-blog large net red secret issued said: today Beijing 17 performance department, Wang Junkai feel isolated, this is the class group chat screenshots, seems to ridicule Wang Junkai, what do you think of


in the daytime public activities, Wang Junkai and classmates chat conversation, those students did not put Wang Junkai as a star, nor did anyone find Wang Chun Kai Group, or to be signed. All in all, Wang Junkai was indifferent and not at all touched. Therefore, users suspected Wang Junkai was isolated run, and the results of the evening there are friends broke the record inside the class chats.


from these boys and girls dialogue content, they all regard Wang Junkai as the object of ridicule and Tucao, and even some people go directly to play a trick on Wang Junkai. The other students laughed in the crowd without any convergence. Wang Junkai was not in the class, so they dared to satirize Wang Junkai so brazenly.




Wang Junkai class chat screenshots leaked, four students satire run him, which indicates that their classmates relations deteriorated again. Social intrigues, pure campus is so dark. Users expressed strong dissatisfaction, all the rage these students, they said: disgusting face, who is really no quality, no education; these people really seem to have the same disease; see later, still don't know who to whom do these people's mind; there may be problems, are acting, after in the entertainment mix or not, no brains; terrible good people, all is very heavy, after graduation under the banner of the name of Wang Junkai Wang Junkai classmate and roommate out; who dares to bully Wang Junkai I cursed his family.



chat content of these students do too much, there is no Wang Junkai provoke you, so people crowding out? What a bunch of sour grapes who was jealous of Wang Junkai's fame, so secretly tease Wang Jun kay. However, some netizens pointed out: we can not be isolated, he is a star, we have a sense of distance from him. By the early morning of September 5th, Wang Junkai's brokerage firm had not responded to the matter.

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