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chaping· 2017-09-14 16:47:51

do not know how to treat the poor friends "read after burn" this thing,

read after burning: in the content is read after a short period of time, the system will automatically delete content. For example: Uncle Wang want about Uncle Lee playing cards, afraid of SMS discovered by his wife. This time, you can use it to burn after reading.

super living eyes, in addition to the privacy, it is loaded to force it to run the artifact! Although after reading burned in the country, has not been able to fire..

, but the earliest to do the photo reading, burning Snapchat now valuation is close to $20 billion! That's about micro-blog. Now

Snapchat has been reduced to about gun artifact

" but large companies are now already had photos, these simple words burn after reading, the Firefox want to play new tricks, file sharing version of the burn after reading function Firefox send.

they are automatically deleted by the system once downloaded or twenty-four hours later. The use of


" for example: if the world super sends a small movie link to black fat, he actually came Mimi and bad review report of my king!

but the hidden power and name Shichao using the Firefox burn after reading is sent, sent to test software when black fat poor Jun link has been a failure...


" as a Firefox experimental the function of launch, the maximum capacity of not more than 1GB he uploaded. The

test server is not powerful enough,

, and the upload speed is very, very, very slow, limited to about 320kb/s. So, those computers are full of teachers' bad friends, you still buy a hard disk...

, how to use reading after reading the burning of transmission files, the following super friends and talk about how to leave no traces of Internet cafes.

does not know the difference of friends met in the company computer search on some shame content after second days, the embarrassing situation of a computer are out of the relevant search results?

honest boy paper love Roast Chicken, Plum juice

" so a taste of the old driver when searching for some shame content, will choose the design of UI browser DuckDuckgo

browser that is magic ah ~

he is the biggest characteristic will never reveal your personal information, but this is his only feature of..

, he is also a feature: you can turn off the advertising push in the browser settings, select off after do not appear similar to Putian Department of advertising push.

compared to Google needs to achieve plug-in remove ads, it is more convenient to

" and he also has a cool feature: as long as you search the last plus! XXX (which can be a search engine or website) can be searched at the point of the site or search engine.

, for example, wants to find a code book to learn, just add it to the back! A bookstore website, you can directly search this bookstore website I want to buy that book.

, for example, BD can jump to Baidu search,

above, two sites with food, the effect is better!

but here to remind you of poor friends: DuckDuckGo browser and Google browser Chrome browser are the same as the need to master the science and the Internet can be used normally but Firefox ~

burn after reading bad friends can normally eat.

, the whole world is wrapped up and ready for you.

1. (burn SkyDrive after reading) (tour organ)

, "ordinary people, I don't tell him", want to master more postures? Just pay attention to the chaping321!

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