"Dragon Ball fighter Z": there are feelings, there are doorways, take the turtle send Qigong bar!

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from the old System Works fighting game maker Arc (representative: GGX, taokaka) made the theme of "Dragon Ball" fighting game, "dragon warriors Z" opened the two day of the beta test in September 16th. The

from Arc System Works's "Xrd" series of GGX style, as a traditional 2D horizontal version of fighting games, the screen uses 3D 2D rendering technique, has the extremely high picture quality. Three character

"easy operation dragon warriors Z" this test only based on team battle mode, the official version will be additional mode.

three team model, similar to "diffuse to Karp empty", at the same time can only control a role, can real-time substitutions and call support, take the lead to knock down the other three players can win. This test provides 11 available roles, and from the latest news, additional roles will be added later. The basic operation of

"dragon warriors Z" compared to other mainstream fighting game is relatively simple, the number of instructions for each role are rarely, mostly before the half circle, half circle of this kind of simple instructions, the number of instructions is not relatively more freeza more than 10.

game, there is a key link section, just need to press an attack key to complete a beautiful set of links.

characters in the game under continuous damage after deducting the blood, blood will be deducted to retain part of the blue blood over a period of time, if this will hurt the role change into alternate seats can be part of the slow recovery of output.

call support allows the corresponding backup team to jump into a special attack, according to different circumstances can link up paragraph, escort teammates, and even complete super high damage Nirvana section.

but substitutions and support have a fixed duration of cooling time, so choosing the right timing, substitutions, and call support should be one of the core gameplay.

is more than just a fan of the game.

only looks at the gameplay descriptions above. You might think it's just a simple fan to the game.

but according to the actual experience of the author in the last few hours, this is not easy. Under simple operation, it is complex advanced skills, such as the timing and cohesion skills.

game rhythm is very fast, compared to the operation, this is to test the players' ability to stand back and respond, every moment in the game is tight nerves.

" we all know that fighting games today has been the type of game is very small, the production team of Arc System Works in recent years has been committed to reduce the threshold to attract new fighting game game player more join.

in the new "evil and equipment" in the work they joined can be said to be the most detailed tutorial system in all fighting games, including mobile teaching, even teaching, teaching strategies and so on, can be thought to have basically, this advantage will also believe in this as in succession down again don't worry about playing fighting games to find the north.

very low threshold, coupled with such a great popularity of "Dragon Ball" original help, it must be able to attract a lot of new players to join.

this is the biggest highlight, no more than the performance of the screen, 3D rendering 2D technology, a perfect reappearance of teacher Akira Toriyama's painting style, and even more perfect in detail.

had a game player finishing "elements of dragon warriors Z" pays tribute to the original, from ordinary moves to Nirvana, all the details are able to see the original shadow, click to see more video: "dragon ball finishing

warriors Z" could be reduced a "Dragon Ball" game in the history, the role of the various moves were classic moves the original, close-up nirvana is perfect comic storyboard.

even in the original stem are perfect reduction, such as the gas cut round flisa if not hit the opponent will be hurt when I come back, I believe Yamucha will lay the perfect reduction.

will be their flisa gas cut hit

bombing of Nirvana and effects is the original power of the most incisive performance fully and delightfully duel, detonation opponent feels incomparable.

some characters, if they use nirvana in the duel, end their opponents, trigger special animations, and then change battle scenes.

Majin Buu Nirvana will change the battle scene

online mode, the direct continuation of the latest development of evil equipment in many people in the hall, game player can choose to enter the world's major regional room.

in multiplayer hall, the player can control the villain, move freely, get the latest news, watch the video game, fight with other players, and so on.

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