"Dad 5" broadcast, warm heart adorable baby multi hit!

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nandouquanyule· 2017-09-19 04:10:44

's fifth season where daddy goes is on! Before that the show would not just off the air, broadcast on TV, and will continue to fully form network broadcast on video website.

" last week although the pilot film has been on the line, so many lovely and warm heart Yan value is also very high adorable baby, 40 minutes enough to see ah ~ fortunately, after a week long wait, finally ushered in the children and their father the first meeting!

the first episode is also a lot of things, first of all, the most beautiful color is probably a small spring, I believe many people have been knocked on the lovely Jasper ring powder. Father Jordan Chan played with "gone superstar" BGM "pheasant brother", mother Cherrie Ying is hot peppers, but "negative positive", Jasper is very soft meng! Before the

broadcast, Jordan Chan first took his son's picture on micro-blog.

" the sleeping little handsome teenage boy turned a public users. In addition to

yen value, Jasper also won the acting from Mom and dad! Meet for the first time to a fine scene, Meng Meng small Suibu as Jasper I and the shuttle in the bath of light years, seamless connection no pear.

" Mom reminded him out of words to Caution!, or be wrestling, so Jasper now. Small play fine body, the strength of deductive fancy wrestling.

" program group asked him what to do when Dad, he asked the staff through a megaphone to tell Dad whispered: today, I want you to get a friend with me again and agin everyday. I, love, you, Daddy.

" this sentence Meng love and warm heart sound heard people are small milk advertisement melted please!

and Jasper is an obedient girl. Seeing the toy car in the car seat wanted to play, the father scolded him to sit down and sat down.

" he was back on the plum dad said, wait and take, then nodded obediently drop.

", probably because of the hot weather is hot, Jasper can only walk slowly away, plus a lot of people in the crowd, then Jordan Chan burst, roar a "hurry up

" sudden outburst, across the screen we have to be scared, distressed netizens put "mountain chicken brother" has delivered the first micro-blog hot search.

and Jasper goose, although a face of injustice, but did not cry noisy, but calm reason with dad to the following a classic communication of words!

" with a trumpet call for a "Can you stop angry my now?" is the adorable cry, scold but active reason and reason where to find boy baba!

this is Jordan Chan by the circle, what is angry, do not exist in the ~

friends joked with Jasper Jordan Chan is probably not in "Daddy where to go", but with "pheasant brother" Jasper in the metamorphosis.

" is a play Du Jiang and Huo Siyan's son, huh, the "Daddy" in Meng sitting baby seat on let dad fed well, grow up.

" can walk around, running, and the tone has changed man.

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"Dad 5" broadcast, warm heart adorable baby multi hit!

"Dad 5" broadcast, warm heart adorable baby multi hit!

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