The diamond on Fan Bingbing's hand. I've seen it on the chandelier only

Fan Bingbing RMB Li Chen entertainment

nandouquanyule· 2017-09-19 06:55:52

since Fan Bingbing promised Li Chen's proposal, the pace of the dog food has not stopped.

9 16, Li Chen for Fan Bingbing arranged flowers full of pink dream wall, this scene is not very often appear in the girls dream?

also prepared for the Fan Bingbing sweet celebrations.

Fan Bingbing's parents and brother also appear together in the proposal, and the family portrait couples a photo of the high value of the yen. Mom and dad counter growth, even if the younger brother is so handsome!

". Three, in the birthday day marriage and won the Golden Rooster Award for best actress Title Fan Bingbing in the micro-blog show their happiness: "I think my life is perfect! I don't want the stars in the sky. I just want happiness on earth! "

", and so on, have to put the wedding on the agenda. What will the wedding ceremony be like for two people? Entertainment Jun also expressed great expectations!

so when exactly will Fan Bingbing be officially Mrs. Lee? She admits that both of them are busy with their work: "there is no definite time, but also to discuss, but also hope that there is a little enough time, it is a big event in life, please give us some time.". "

. Well, anyway, sooner or later, now look at the" quasi Mrs. Lee ", both career and love, can live into a model of life ah ~

"however this is not enough! Watching the live broadcast of the awards, the crowd suddenly got blinded by Fan Bingbing's diamond ring!

hair, beauty is more remarkable than prosperity, that is larger than a finger ring!!

is flash blind eyes, people said: "I take love jewelry shit, who sent me such a big diamond ring to my hair from eight in the morning to night coaching on the eight point" … …

entertainment Jun view think this ring is really really ah! Can't resist gravity falling down! Feel the sour taste for fan ye!

" eat melon masses No. two said: "such a big drill, I have only seen" on the chandelier … …

&hellip … this really ah; "Hao no human" design only luxurious crystal droplight can compete with one of the … … after all, in the blingblingbling to shine rmbbusiness light … …

" this diamond ring size is estimated to have at least 19 carats of diamonds. The valuation of more than 50 million yuan. I accidentally put a Ocean View Villa on my hands. It was really exciting!

", this diamond ring came from inside, and also aroused the interest of the melon eating masses. However, entertainment Jun over the network, but also did not find relevant information.

micro-blog's hot turn on a video, inside the super open diamond ring, seems to be considered the same as Bing Bing.

, but look, the rings in the video are completely different from those of Bing Bing.

, originally released this video users also clarified, not Fan Bingbing same paragraph.

anyway", in the face of such a huge diamond users who started to calm down: "see Fan Bingbing's diamond ring, that is poverty limits my imagination & hellip; …

" sharp eyed netizens also found that Fan Ye left a big diamond ring, right hand and a small diamond ring.

entertainment said here is "although Jun small diamond ring, but compared with the common size diamond ring, the" small ring "is still very large!

, passers by guess: did Li Chen send the big one or the small one? Or the two one from him?

, and later, a domestic jewelry brand came out and claimed the "small diamond ring"".

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