Millet MIX 2 customized theme "star track" formally launched

Millet Xiaolong memory

qudongzhijia· 2017-09-19 07:06:20

although iPhone 8 comprehensive screen in the manufacturing process is more difficult, but from the visual perception, or millet MIX 2 more in line with the public aesthetic. Especially the body part, like the peacock after without borders.

millet officially announced, millet MIX 2 customized theme "star track" formally launched. The biggest feature of the theme is that when it lights its "two color lock screen", as if holding the stars, but also support the "custom lock screen text", "dynamic charging" and other fully functional.

learned that millet mobile phone users open personalized theme App, you can free facelift.

" configuration, millet MIX 2 using 5.99 inches 1080p screen, equipped with 835 Xiaolong mobile platform, built-in 6GB memory and 64/128/256GB storage space body, provide the front 5 million pixel camera and 12 million pixels rear camera, battery capacity 3400mAh, dual card dual standby and 6 Die 43 frequency full Netcom, price 3299/3599/3999 yuan.

in addition, millet MIX 2 also provides a ceramic exclusive version, in the box, the shell with one ceramic design, 4699 yuan, the end of November on sale.

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