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School first lesson science future network water know the answer

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The future of

network (www.k618.cn) in Beijing in September 18, "20 years of continuous decay of plants inexplicably disappeared, the lake becomes clear and clean … …" this is the first lesson of Meizhou Bay in Career Technical College in 2018 to the students play video, video name called "water knows the answer", tells the story of water can produce feelings similar to humans, and this conclusion has been international researchers on falsification.

" Meizhou Bay Career Technical College on the first lesson. (for respondents figure

) recently, Meizhou Bay, a Career Technical College freshman students applied to the future network reporter broke the news, in September 9th the school registration report, September 10th officially began, the "first class" is the Department of mechanical and Civil Engineering Department of the students in class.

from the students to the future network reporter to provide video, the video about the "water, this mineral, know great maternal love", "through thousands of people pray together, pollution of the lake water becomes clear" and other related content. Shi also confirmed to the future network, the video name is called "water know the answer.".

opening, the first lesson scene. (respondents for map)

in the early 2011, the domestic media have reported that a Guangzhou primary school with three bowls of Steamed Rice do experiments, trying to prove that: say Steamed Rice ferment, fragrance; forced to scold Steamed Rice will turn black and stink; ignore the worse, even out of water.

has aroused widespread concern and debate in the society, and people questioned the scientific nature of the experiment.

future network reporter query data found that "water knows the answer" the earliest books in the form of a book, is called the Japanese Emoto, the core theory of the book is: water according to the external information, to distinguish good and evil. Listen to Beethoven's "Pastoral Symphony" water crystallization beautiful neat; and hear "bastard" and other bad words of water, can only form ugly, irregular crystallization.

, as early as in 1988, a researcher named Jacques Benveniste suggested that water has intelligence and emotion, and that it can even remember something. The discovery had deceived the journal Nature, which was published by the journal editor, but was withdrawn after deliberation. At present, there are many loopholes in experimental international researchers exposed Emoto, and tries to prove that he is completely out of sensibility, the experiment is not rigorous.

researchers also pointed out that the study of vulnerability Emoto: water crystallization temperature and humidity with only relevant results; photos of Jiang of the experimental selection; no principles of "double blind science". The final result of

's research is that water knows nothing.

the most impressive scene in the video was that a bottle of water from Tokyo was very dirty, and a group of people prayed to them in the direction of Tokyo, and the water became clear. "Shi Shi recalled, said that the students generally reflect that the school is in the pseudo scientific" brainwashing "education.

other students reflect that the first lesson of the school is not organized by the school, but by the activities entrusted by the school to the outside company.

data show that the Meizhou Bay is located in Putian City, Fujian Province, Career Technical College, is a public junior college students nationwide full-time engineering colleges and universities.

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