It used to dominate the Midwest for more than 28 years and now sells it on its own

In Wuhan Yonghui supermarket

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, and only those living in Wuhan or those who have been to Wuhan know the distribution of the Jiangcheng in this hundred. Basically, every street, every business district, every cell door, there is a hundred.

starting from Wuhan, the hundred group channel sank, deep plowing the Hubei market, and westward Chongqing inserted a flag, becoming the Midwest's largest and most outlets super brand.

but in recent years, in the middle of the hundred consecutive shops, the Chongqing region is the most serious, tearing the Midwest king of Shang Chao for years of pain.

hundred group in 2012 began to decline in performance, only in 2016 closed stores reached 116, last year's deduction of non net profit loss of 233 million yuan, the last three years in the sale of assets to live.

zebra consumption comb found that the decline in the hundred groups, has also been trying to find ways to break through. For example the United Rosen convenience store layout, relying on the force of fresh Yonghui business, with more professional industrial appliances sell appliances … … however, from a performance point of view, a short time is no big improvement.

in the capital market, Yonghui supermarket hundred has long coveted, after several hundred group two placards become shareholders, and in the actual control of Wuhan state-owned stake only a placards line.

": the life insurance sale, sale, sale of bank

9 at the beginning of the month, the warehouse shopping plaza in Yichang suddenly closed the news that the industry in an uproar. In fact, this is only in recent years, hundreds of stores closed.

group (000759.SZ) was established in 1989, 1997 listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, many years to sit tight in the top spot in the Midwest super.

2012 began to decline in the middle of the year, and profitability declined. In 2014, the 20 years of enterprises ushered in a major turning - Revenue profits double down. Until 2016, operating income of 15 billion 366 million yuan, non deduction of -2.33 billion yuan profit.

in recent years, the business of the industry is not easy, and there is a loss, the news of the store closed, but as a whole, to two or three lines of urban based regional business super, life is a little better.

Wuhan, in addition to the hundred group, and in Wuhan (000785.SZ), A (000501.SZ), Hubei Han group (600774.SH), the four giants compete.

group about 10000000000 annual operating income, but it does not make money, in order to protect the shell can only rely on years of selling out.

", "leaking house", "even night rain". With the decline in performance almost at the same time, the other a super giant Yonghui supermarket (601933.SH) into the five placards group.

currently, group two shareholder Yonghui supermarket holdings of 25%, the actual controller of Wuhan SASAC holding 32%, and the two sides will have relatively strong holdings.

: to survive Neiguan shop, to seek foreign cooperation

group also know, always rely on to sell bottom maintain performance is not a permanent solution, 100 think the first one is the closed shop.

2016 years, 100 warehouses closed 63, new opened 2, hundreds of convenience supermarkets closed 53, the new opened 72.

" of course, a few large stores in its sequence, closed mostly hundred warehousing, is large and medium-sized supermarkets, convenience supermarket stores in total have been increasing, which is a bright spot in cooperation with Rosen Rosen in convenience shop.

2016 in May, the first hundred Rosen opened, as of June 30, 2017, the hundred Rosen out of 116, of which 55 stores.

in early 2002, the hundred had to test the water business at 11 convenience stores "good state", will soon shut down. 2011, "good nation" comeback layout 24 hours convenience stores, but so far only out of 42 stores.

100 veteran super giant postures, and walked in the corner of the city convenience store who can fight hand to hand with, copy the old legend is hard to say. Not to mention, the competition in the convenience store market is very hot.

only in the Wuhan market, there is a copy of the 7-11 model of the rise of Today convenience stores, has now opened more than 200, many directly to the opposite of the hundred convenience stores.

" became the two shareholders in Yonghui, two becoming a strategic partner. Yonghui sent dozens of people in the team, ready to use their fresh areas of advantage to help get rid of the results in the mire.

for now, the transformation of fresh areas in the hundred, the effect is good. In 2016, the sales of fresh products increased by 29.18% with the same caliber, and the gross profit increased by 30.55%.

traditional electrical appliance sales business is clearly difficult to become a strong support for the group's performance.

hundred out of their home appliance sector and Wuhan local industry and trade, home appliances cooperation, but in the electricity supplier under siege, Gome, Suning and other electrical appliance giants have embraced the Internet, appliances sales

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