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Harbin northeast family Kunming Sichuan

xinhuashidian· 2017-09-19 09:58:45

has heard that the northeast dialect has been listed as the most powerful infectious weapon in China Recently, the network spread of such a piece:

south to the northeast for a period of time, not only a strong northeast accent can not change, but also make the home the others followed that northeast words; spicy Sichuan girl living in Dalian, the Northeast aunt said: you can leave it now, a large sub ballast installed what people in Sichuan.

", now, even foreigners are inevitably "infected" by the Northeast dialect!

" click on the video below, listen with foreign taste of northeast words which is shen'er drop ~

" video blogger on foreign street, under the banner of "the most fashionable Chinese dialect" banner, to teach foreigners northeast words theory. Unexpectedly, foreigners northeast cavity really imitate very well.

", &mdash, now there is a song circulating on the Internet: — "the whole world is talking about the northeast dialect". Is a comedy film "Pomazhangfei" northeast past song, adapted from the classic song "China".

"by Jia Nailiang, Song Xiaobao and Yu Yang formed a new northeast group" DBboys "

sang the song originally with a sense of melody and is full of" sub ballast taste "northeast, heard friends lamented:" the new song brainwashing!"

no, there's a foreign girl who covers this song.

" have a stay in Yunnan, Kunming and northeast foreigners said that the northeast people talk than Kunming that is easier to understand than the people of Beijing, sometimes that is easy to understand.

, on a Chinese Learning Forum, someone once posted for help. This netizen wants to go to Harbin to learn Chinese for two months, it is found on the net beforehand, there is difference between dialect and standard mandarin. To this end, a little worried, he asked other people: "northeast dialect" is not really different from Putonghua?

someone consoled him by saying, "there is nothing very different between the northeast dialect and the Mandarin language. It is more colloquial." and he also cites a few examples: "turn off the lights," "what are you doing"? "The card is upside down."". He also encouraged the help net friend: if you can learn the northeast dialect, others will applaud for you.

friends said, his many years ago to see Chinese TV series "northeast" one family, listen to a few times, you'll see the difference between the northeast dialect and Mandarin. He even recommended the theme song of the northeast family, which is suitable for singing in KTV.

" some foreign friends began to analyze differences in Northeast Dialect and Putonghua, sum up is written vocabulary and grammar are basically the same. But there are some unique words, words such as "northeast corner," and "we". In addition

, and standard to the northeast, the tone will have some changes.

has a net friend's description of the very appropriate — — northeast people speak, like a stone in his mouth. The netizen also found that slang in the northeast dialect was very interesting.

many foreigners found themselves from the Northeast Peng Youping is rolling. One person said: This is a prominent northeast dialect, the pronunciation for two flat retroflex read.

", as well as foreign users found that the northeast dialect is also constantly changing. For example, people in the Northeast who used to say "good thief" are now out of date, and the word "thief" is becoming less and less frequent.

likes to learn Chinese foreigners have gone to sound very standard, they are more likely to find the differences between the different regions of the human voice Chinese: even if Beijing, some pronunciation and Mandarin are different; but the people of Harbin may be more standard pronunciation.

in fact, dialects vary in different parts of the northeast. Even in the whole country, the pronunciation of the people in Harbin is the closest to mandarin. This is because China began promoting Mandarin in the 50s of last century, and Harbin was one of the first cities to promote it.

even foreigners are so hard to speak northeast dialect, it seems that after the whole world accent may be brought to the "northeast that pimple" of it.

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