Female students were sexually raped boyfriend bleeding, while the rapist was fined 2000 words papers

Rape University of Sydney international students Canada

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students alone in a foreign country, let the people pulling the heart is a security issue. Far away from home, the surrounding environment is strange, everyone must have experienced different levels of loneliness and loneliness. Many people will choose to embrace the warm, find a boyfriend to take care of each other, but the article said that Australia China woman may not be so lucky, even her boyfriend was raped, bleeding.... what happened? Look at the following page Junlai after.

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" every girl is longing for a better love...

... Qin Shan, 23 years old, studying at the Ontario Polytechnic University in Canada, the mood of her, this has a envy of others life.

" for the wealthy, excellent in character and learning, modest man, because of the very liberal and dignified, good school was elected chairman of the students, the countless Chinese example.

's academic excellence, popularity and popularity were all perfect, and more importantly, she had a gentle boyfriend. Life would have been wonderful.

, Qin Shan and her boyfriend are members of the school rowing team. They are double in pairs every day, and dog food is scattered all over the place.

but this is the kind of man who has been a gentle man, who has doted on her, and has created an indelible psychological shadow for Qin Shan.

this is the case. A vacation, Qin Zhen and boyfriend travel, the destination is the University of Windsor.

two people, love, concubine, Italy, enjoy the leisurely time. Dinner, two people drink together.

drinker Qin Shan soon feel dizzy, and tragedy, it is at the beginning of this time.

was helped to return to the room after Qin Shan felt her boyfriend in a daze".

although her subconscious was very resistant, she was unconscious because her spirits were too strong to move.

so she couldn't remember what had happened in the evening and was completely awake in the morning of the second day.

but after waking up, Qin Shan completely shocked!

"I felt really sore, I looked under the sheets and I was covered in blood."

"wake up I feel sore. I opened the quilt and looked at it. I was full of blood. "

," she struggled to the Oshava hospital, where doctors confirmed her severe vaginal tear after an ultrasound examination.

according to the pharmacy's records, the doctor prescribed many drugs to prevent the bleeding of Qin Chin's lower body.

"I was shocked, confused I, didn't realize this would happen, especially with an intimate partner."

"I was confused and shocked. I really didn't realize that close friends would do this to me. "

"all for the love of fantasy, and vanished with her boyfriend from collapse.

in accordance with Canadian law, any sexual contact without the consent of women is a sexual offence!

is divided into three levels by degrees:

level 1 sexual assault: minor human injuries or no injuries.

two sexual assault: carrying weapons / threats and causing human harm.

three sexual assault: causing human injury, mutilation, disfigurement or life-threatening.

knew she was raped, her boyfriend's behavior has constituted sexual assault crime, but for the past good feelings recall, Qin Shan did not choose to call the police.

(Shanshan and boyfriend)

, she chose to keep questioning, but her boyfriend completely denied that he had done something wrong! He was in the Facebook

until the end of a private letter to admit his mistake: "

I was wrong. I shouldn't have touched you. I didn't do it on purpose. I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say. My behavior is really terrible. It's too late now. "

"was thought to be able to wed her boyfriend without permission, violently raped himself, or in the University campus!

Qin Shan's body was hurt, and the emotion was hurt. Under the double blow, she felt the whole world was gray.

although there is no alarm, but she chose to reflect the situation to the school, I hope the school according to the school regulations dealing with sexual abuse. Make yourself fair.

, however, the school attitude has been very cold.

, a month after she spoke, the school told her that she would be punished according to the student code, not the school regulations.

in the next few weeks, she received several calls from the school authorities.

"They would call me on a Friday afternoon asking me if I was sure there was no consent despite having, her version of events recorded in the initial meeting with

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