A Beijing University professor's income finally caught up with the star

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in May this year, a professor at the University of Shanghai a top of the payroll in the circle of friends scraper.

" after the news after fermentation, many users learned that the main economic source of university teachers may also come from outside, but 8000 yuan salary is still so many people speechless, and caused a discussion of

seems to be some old-fashioned university professor salary only a hundred of thousand, and entertainment stars of a film on the hundreds of thousands (or even billions of dollars), read more useful?

the answer is, of course, "useful."". Every time Xiao Bian (micro signal: nbdnews) noted that recently, a professor at Peking University on personal experience gave an answer.

, Professor of Peking University's income, finally caught up with the star

, in the Internet age, people get more and more channels of knowledge acquisition. According to Xinhua point of view, a Beijing University of economics professor of network column, worth nearly 35 million yuan.

"the payment platform content imposition (source: Xinhua viewpoint)

from 2010 onwards, the National Development Research Institute of Peking University professor Xue Zhaofeng every year at the university to teach" economics principle "and" law and economics "two courses. Now, with the Internet, his students have more than 170 thousand.

these students spread all over the country, engaged in different occupations. Instead of sitting in a classroom at Peking University, they listened to Xue Zhaofeng's 10 minute audio program with their cell phones every day, answering questions he had asked the day before. "Tuition" is a subscription of 199 yuan a year.

" clearly, the professor column value of nearly 35 million yuan (and turnover), is from more than 170 thousand students "tuition fees 199 yuan per person". Xiao Bian noted that although 35 million of this figure and entertainment star head income compared to some distance, but at least in some star income list "row number".

"data source: interface, China headlines 2017 celebrity earnings list and

, this is just the number of paid Internet content in a drop in the bucket.

Xinhua viewpoint said, with the Internet in China's depth of popularity, the Internet content is also chaotic, good and bad, to bring screening difficulties for users. Quality content becomes more and more scarce, and the emergence of knowledge sharing platforms, such as answering, getting, knowing, and sharing of live, heralds the coming of knowledge paying spring.

has opened a pay column for nearly 30 academics from different fields on Xue Zhaofeng's platform. For example, angel investor Li Xiaolai opened the "teach you how to become more valuable" column, subscription number more than 170 thousand, the science writer opened western books of steel column, more than 120 thousand subscribers.

, an online learning platform for English learning, is also very popular with online short reading camps. Each person charge nearly 200 yuan, only a period of paying students more than 400 people.

"I didn't expect the tide of knowledge learning consumption to come, really, so soon."! "A net name is" reading, but also imitating, "the subscriber said.

application distribution platform Ali recently released the two quarter of 2017 industry report shows that the main "90" knowledge of subscribers has reached 50 million, is expected this year the overall size of knowledge pay will reach 50 billion yuan. "

knowledge pays off, Papi sauce is gone, Luo Yonghao,"

Xue Zhaofeng told his subscribers in the column. "He's going to be an economist who buys breakfast with you."".

is known as the "knowledge economy" businessman Luo Zhenyu said that the current industry boundaries are disappearing, each consumer industries are competing for the user's time, users choose to use the study to fill the fragmentation of the time, is the real demand of value.

however, how long can the knowledge paid air outlet last? Who can lead the tide of knowledge? These may still be unknown.

in May this year, the answer to the on-line payment community, the formation of "Q & A + small talk + community" based triangular knowledge framework. Users join the community to get original articles, questions and answers, interaction, content sharing and social interaction. In July 6th, Papi sauce announced that it would join the sub fee paying community, and the transition would be paid for knowledge. Papi sauce is "unlimited Youth Institute" fees for 99 yuan / should pay in the first half open community theme (July 6, 2017 -2018 January 5th), in a beautiful consciousness during the festival, the price is 79 yuan / year.

"Papi sauce in a launch of a community of users and the online quiz show

according to the NetEase technology report, Papi sauce also invited Ji Shisan, Shi Hang, Wang Xiaokun, Qu Weiwei parrot, Fu Titi, Ni Yining, Wei Sijia, and the master temple Chen Zhangyu, Hello, mother goose drunk _ bamboo and other celebrities as guests to interact with the user community.

however, after 2 months of opening, in September 11th, Papi sauce issued a stop announcement in the answer community.

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