Miserable! Lotte Seoul department store also can not stand it...

South Korea Lotte Group Seoul Sade

haiwaiwang· 2017-09-19 15:54:53

" overseas network in September 19th is located in the South Korean city of Seoul Yongdeng Pu District Seoul station Lotte Lotte Department store and supermarket, a lot of tourists to Korea will go to the shopping mecca". However, the day before the Lotte Group announced that, because the lease expires, it is expected that the two are closed at the end of the year.

according to Taiwan's "Three Li news network" reported that Yongdeng Lotte Lotte Department store and Seoul station Lotte supermarket, two are state-owned, the South Korean government will no longer extend the lease, is expected to land by the end of the year. This also means that Lotte supermarket and Lotte Department store will be closed by the end of December 31st.

Yongdeng Lotte District Department store was completed in 1991, while the Seoul station Lotte supermarket opened in 2004, whether it is snacks, Korean Department of beauty, clothing, daily necessities, everything. These two places are not only popular shopping places for the local people, but also the "shopping mecca" that many foreign tourists will go to. It is one of the most important attractions for most travelers.

"Sade" turmoil, relations between China and South Korea tensions, many areas of tourism in South Korea hit. Yonhap recently published an article saying that the recent South Korean Modern Economic Research Institute for "Sade" the loss of economic accounts calculations, surprising results: if the "Sade" storm, South Korea years China the number of tourists will decrease by 7 million 989 thousand, will suffer direct losses of up to 18 trillion and 100 billion won (about 108 billion 600 million yuan). It is expected to have 402 thousand jobs disappear!

in addition, China and South Korea import and export trade and investment has also been significantly shrinking. According to the Korea customs office import and export trade statistics, in March this year, the trade volume between the two countries was 20 billion 400 million US dollars, reducing to 18 billion 500 million US dollars in July. Auto parts were hardest hit in exports, and exports to China plummeted by 58% compared to last July. South Korea's investment in China was $1 billion 60 million in the first half of this year, down 31% from the same period last year ($1 billion 540 million), according to the South Korean import and export bank.

, the worst hit South Korean Lotte Group, has fallen into a slump in its retail business in china. Two rounds of "blood transfusion" did not respond to the day before, Lotte Group decided to sell its supermarket business in china. According to South Korean media reported on 17, Lotte sold 112 home supermarket in China, the negotiations did not go well, "Chinese buyers undauntedly", and some foreign retailers are substantially lower prices.

, South Korea's Yonhap news agency said the sale is Lotte Mart stores in the country will have a negative effect on the Lotte Group and other business in China, is currently more worried about Lotte group. Lotte Group in China investment, circulation, food, tourism, services, petrochemical, finance and other 22 industries, investment has more than 8 trillion won. The industry believes that in South Korea, Lotte Mart and other enterprises market withdrawal China Lotte also may lose China consumer market situation, do not rule out the Lotte Lotte confectionery and Lotte seven and other related enterprises may be packaged for sale.

for South Korea deploy "Sade", Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman has repeatedly stressed that it not only can not solve the security concerns of the countries concerned, only would seriously undermine the strategic balance in the region, including China damage, strategic and security interests of countries in the region, while increasing tension and confrontation in the peninsula, the peninsula has become more complex. China strongly urged South Korea to attach importance to the security interests and concerns of China and other regional countries, and immediately stopped the deployment process and removed related equipment.

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Miserable! Lotte Seoul department store also can not stand it...