"Idol master meteor stage" officially released more information, please wait for tonight

The game yen idol master

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-09-19 17:05:27

BNEI officially announced the "idol master" series of new host works "idol master meteor stage in TGS today before SONY Exhibition Conference" (tentative translation, formerly known as:,,,, and no Ma, lumira faculty, Tokyo). The game will be on sale in December 21st, corresponding to PS4.

" in the conference only released a short trailer, the trailer from the content point of view, we can learn in the game player to face and foster or his 765 Pro 13 idol. Game version and download version of the price of 8200 yen + tax, the first version of the limited version of 12980 yen + tax.

" for gameplay and content information, a live event at 9 this evening will be the trailer, when should be open to more and more information.

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