This is called ass! Everybody's done, don't be ashamed to see it

This is called ass! Everybody's done don't be ashamed to see it

hulianwang· 2017-09-19 22:07:47


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) face and buttocks year-end evaluation results ass than face good, the reasons are as follows:

is smooth, easy to wrinkle;

2. frugal, do not spend money and maintenance;

3. delicate, not easy to spot long


pox; modelling concise fashion;


serious, serious in speech and manner

6.; sincere, not a foxy smile,

will not play a double game; the atmosphere, 7. grave, Fuxiang;

8. and harmony, one of the two One divides into two., again, tightly around a core;

9. generation face suffered humiliation, often beaten up;

10. unity and connection;

11. low-key, forever in the post,

12. hidden; vivid feeling, a little twist Still, thousands of style,

has 13. strike a deep chord; the spirit of sacrifice, generally playing injections on it, it is not like bitter pain, is the face!

14., calm, big things happen, not shaped in color, can sit.

15, the overriding steady buttocks.

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