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Classic devour heaven and earth

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IP rampant in. Following the super IP Travel dream, lying, etc. products with great success, more and more the end of the tour IP have been added to the ranks of mobile phone game, asked not flat journey! In the "big IP era" atmosphere, a standing 30 years not fall down the legendary IP of the Three Kingdoms is about to re burn the explosive hand travel market! By the research and development of game company in Taiwan, the Chinese dragon "swallowed heaven and earth" genuine hand tour is about to ignite the world of generations of players's passion for the game!

"swallowed heaven and earth" series was originally derived from the Japanese manga artist Motomiya Hiroshi creation famous comic works, 1989 after arcade, FC, PC and multiple game platform adaptation, produced a series of legendary stories! Early 2016. This continuation of the old story, adapted since the end of the tour play hand travel masterpiece in Taiwan quietly on the line, and in a short period of time with free games list first good results by rave reviews in the majority of fans internationally. Now, the domestic travel publisher happy network (IOS) and pirates (Android) has with Taiwan really fun jointly signed a distribution agreement, this year in the domestic market introduced this masterpiece.

Classic I P value fully tap (here is the subtitle, bold)

as the only genuine swallowed the day series of hand travel, tour "swallowed heaven and earth" good inherited the series humor funny kuso the orthodox style of the game, so that the majority of players after experiencing the "IP" endless aesthetic fatigue, experience a lot of unprecedented funny new heaven and earth! Like a dream, big, "swallowed heaven and earth" as a have 30 years internationally reputation of "the super IP", born of good genes and accumulation of carefully cultivated and create essential. Style=

no most engaged, only more engaged! "Devour heaven and earth" series in the road can be said that never stop! From the early comics story spoof to arcade games familiar to everyone the "bun" contest, and then to FC, PC ghost livestock into chaos, the swallow heaven and earth "always bring internationally unexpected surprises. It is reported that in the hand travel swallowed heaven and earth, the players have talked about the classic play will be retained, so that players can truly experience the original taste of the new world.

excellent works strength feelings wake up (and here is the subtitle, bold)

with the rise of mobile gaming, 2013, the first casual form type of hand travel "swallowed heaven and earth touch" on line and subsequently engraved the end of the travel experience of "swallow TOUCH3 of heaven and earth" in the hands of the tour is to "authentic new peak moment of" localization of high-profile strikes. Looking back on more than 20 years of IP value continuous mining, "swallowed heaven and earth" series after multiple game platform transplant and iterative version has become a with thousands of fans of the classic game of brand. Future trends in the development of the IP industry, perhaps swallowed IP will shine in more areas.

from the original arcade game, to a generation of series of games, "swallowed heaven and earth" to accompany a generation, even is the growth of several generations of people. Accompanied by their youth, carrying their most beautiful memories of the game, feelings and love. Therefore, even if the players have been in the past many years, the players are still very active. Now, "" genuine will devour the earth Mobile Games in many fans eagerly looked forward to landing in china. From 3D Q Meng two head and body characters in romance of the Three Kingdoms, KUSO funny classic story, rich and unique gameplay system, even in the ancient "swallowed Earth online" of weapons, skills, and character mantra has been perfect reduction. Style= text-align:center "

sitting on 27 years evergreen classic IP, the devour heaven and earth "genuine hand travel soon the bearing full of warm memories and three feelings swept and. Whether or not this strength IP are through this sequel, once again expand brand influence, shine in the domestic travel market and let us wait and see.

fun break new ground (and here is the slogan, magnified BOLD)

about "swallowed heaven and earth" (here is the subtitle, bold)

"swallowed heaven and earth" was originally derived from the Japanese manga artist Motomiya Hiroshi the creation of famous comic, "heaven and earth swallowed", after FC, arcade, PS and other gaming platforms of transplantation, the achievements of the generation of the classic game brands, favored by the majority of gamers. Online version of "swallowed heaven and Earth online (TSA)" in 2003 by the Taiwan CDC dragon carefully adapted listed, Zaixian lovely three wind, internationally gleaned free captured three famous new fun! 2012, the third generation sequel "swallowed heaven and earth" 3Online launched, picture evolved from the 2D to 3D, and inherits many characteristics and advantages of the previous generation, combined with fashion play online games is very popular in the world to devour the fans love!

on happy net (here is the subtitle, bold)

happy network founded in March 2008, the user centered social wealth in China and the mainstream culture to create a crowd -- Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other large and medium cities white-collar groups. At present, the happy network has developed into China's most influential white-collar social networking sites (SNS), registered users exceeded 140 million.

team of the company always will "make the interaction more interesting, let friends closer" as the enterprise mission. Currently, three companies main business is: business community, game business and business innovation.

on pirate games (and here is the subtitle, bold)

pirate games created in 2015, domestic mobile game publisher and operator service providers, the company committed to build interest based mobile entertainment community platform, to the user to provide application recommendation, the exchange of interest and mobile games. At present, pirates has domestic CP and reached a cooperation has been successfully agency issued the NBA fantasy ", the legend of the CBA, the tetrarch intrudes, the star soul edge", "the champion club", the warlords hegemony "a good mobile game. 2016 pirates United happy net signed genuine "heaven and earth", Mobile Games swallowed areas of the game publisher. />

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