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when last year's third quarter opened a new round of property control continued for a year, the cumulative effect of policy, and finally cool down the market.

9 18, the National Bureau of statistics released 70 city housing prices data show that key cities housing prices fell further, 15 key cities prices fell or flat, rising pattern is no longer. In the

developers for the "golden nine silver ten" on the occasion, 15 of a second tier city key collective stop up the data in the enterprise pressure soared, because the vast majority of enterprises will be the volume of the pressure this year to third, the fourth quarter; but for buyers, this is good news for once prices rally Bikong tortured nerves, you can finally relax, calmly facing the house this important matter of life.

" buyer's market feature previews

in September, many of the city's property market without previous excitement on offer and sale market, a smooth transition in reason. More and more developers began to feel the property market cooling and market decline, property buyers wait-and-see mood is becoming more and more serious.

in Nanjing, many sales offices have been very quiet, one day in September, a reporter came to Nanjing sales offices, in addition to reporters basically no other buyers, and the difference is obvious before the streams of people busily coming and going.

"in March this year, we pushed 250 sets of housing, there are about 1200 groups of customers want to buy; recently, we are ready to push 500 sets of housing, the current intention of less than 600 groups of customers. The market is clearly beginning to cool, and we are not optimistic about this year's market. "A Xiamen developer told reporters.

from developers to see, some developers are also beginning to Xiamen ready to change prices. "I did not intend to push so much value before, but I was worried that it would be harder to sell later, so I started preparing for the shipment in advance. Xiamen many projects opened to the only 50% - 60%, the market is still very cold. "These developers told reporters.

owners' rights protection is often seen as a signal that the property market is moving from the seller's market to the buyer's market. In Hefei, a day ago, called "Anhui new emerald Manor" project owners of rights suffered because of the price. Hefei Price Bureau network data show that this is located in Hefei, Feidong County real estate from January 13th this year began filing, so far has recorded 5 houses, namely 3, 5, 13, 15 and 7 building.

4 times before the filing average price of about 12888 yuan / square meter. August 31st, the latest record of building 7, the price was 11863 yuan / square meter. This means that the same thermocline housing, the average price per square metre for the record fell 1025 yuan, to a set of 100 square metres of Huxing calculations, new housing prices reached more than 100 thousand yuan. At the beginning of September, some owners in Anhui new emerald manor sales office door hung banners.

market is more and more calm, developers also have to change prices. Hefei 365 real estate home network data center data show that in the first half of Hefei city sold a total of 10707 residential commercial housing units, down 77.3%. Yang Hongxu, vice president of

Institute said that the Hefei Binhu section of the second-hand housing does fall, estimated overall fell 10% to 15%, individual Jishou houses fell about 30%.

"before always worried that they can not buy a house, the heart is still very tight, and now the property market to restore calm, the time to buy their own house has become longer, and people have become rational.". "Property buyers Zhang Hua (a pseudonym) told reporters.

property buyers tend to steady state of mind, most people no longer anxious to buy a house, the current round of regulation and control over the past year, one of the biggest achievements. On the contrary, the speculation for the purpose of highly leveraged investment real estate investors will gradually face financial pressure, because on the one hand, mortgage costs on the rise, the hands of the house on the other hand, decreased liquidity.

from the capital port to see, a second tier cities basically complete recognition of housing, but also recognize the credit policy loans. From the policy is expected to see, this round of house prices regulation and upgrading in a comprehensive way, when the case is up. And unlike in previous years, many policies can be said that all aspects of the closure of any real possibility. At present, around the property market regulation policy overweight trend continues, the market has obvious effect of the most stable, the key indicators of housing prices is the trend of the mortgage, also gradually began tightening from the trend, the landing for the regulation of real estate, real estate mortgage superposition regulation tightening let the market continues to cool.

developers no longer optimistic

according to the National Bureau of statistics preliminary estimates, in August, first-tier cities new commercial housing and second-hand housing prices decreased 0.3%. Second tier cities, new commercial housing and second-hand housing prices rose by 0.2% and 0.3%, respectively, or 0.2 and 0.1 percentage points lower than last month. Three lines of new urban commercial housing prices rose 0.4%, or 0.2 percentage points lower than last month; second-hand housing prices rose by 0.4%, or the same as last month.

City National Bureau of Statistics Division Senior Statistician Liu Jianwei said that in August, according to local conditions, due to the continuing role of real estate control policies of city facilities strategy, the 15 first tier and second tier city hot real estate market continued steady. From the chain point of view, new commercial housing prices fell flat or; from the same period, the new commercial housing prices continued to fall last month, the drop rate in

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