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Robot daily mail 3D print Columbia University

qudongzhijia· 2017-09-20 14:35:11

many scientists are now working on how to make robots look more like human beings. After all, these machines have grown stronger and stronger.

, an engineer at the Columbia University, has developed a synthetic muscle that can be used in humanoid robots, the daily mail reported. The 3D printed composite software muscle abandons the external compressor or high voltage device used by the previous model. It can push, pull, bend and twist, and can lift itself thousands of times heavier.

is simply using silicone rubber material in micro bubble ethanol, the elastic properties and extreme volume change attribute together, and has the advantages of easy manufacture, low cost and no pollution to the environment benefits.

team plans to continue to research and explore, using a conductive material to replace the embedded wire. This should speed up the muscle's reaction and lengthen its life.

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