One plus 5 JCC special edition released, the price is over 4400 yuan

Canada France Liu Zuohu Xiaolong

shoujizhongguo· 2017-09-20 14:35:13

[mobile china news] in the mobile phone ring, a plus technology may be the most favorite and art circles, cross-border brands. The day before, plus a mobile phone with French artist Jean-Charles Castelbajac in Paris de announced cross-border cooperation between the two sides of the "Callection" series, officially launched a 5 JCC special edition. The machine, priced at 559 euros (about 4400 yuan), will be on sale in Europe on October 2nd.

plus 5 JCC special edition release

configuration, one plus 5 JCC special edition with 8GB+128GB memory combinations, still equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 835 mobile platform. In addition to the special edition mobile phones, Castelbajac has also designed a range of Limited accessories such as baseball caps, T-Shirts, handbags and so on. The machine and accessories will be available for sale on October 2nd at the official website of europe.

plus 5 JCC special edition released a mobile phone with

founder Liu Zuohu said, a cross with 5 JCC special edition is not simple and United Artists logo, product manager and artist but spent several months with the launch of the product, and the industrial design works of art into the products. In this cooperation, the French artist Castelbajac on a mobile phone 5 to do the design: first, the original function keys were changed to blue, red and yellow; and in the design of mobile phone shell after adding hand-painted words.

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