Cai Yingwen to Hong Kong media: Nineteen time later

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zhongguotaiwanwang· 2017-09-20 14:48:51

According to the Taiwan

China network quoted Taiwan media reported on 18, the DPP all generations will be held in September 24th, the general assembly is of concern to the terms "by Wen JE Ko amnesty Chen Shuibian and the DPP days before" ("2018" city mayor "and the county mayor nominated special regulations" and "Regulations" specified in the non ruling counties nomination "for special election", will be selected for the coordination of appropriate candidates, and not required to join the party, it was known as the "Ke Wenzhe clause").

" for the DPP "whole generation", "Taiwan central network news 18 journal article pointed out that, in the cross-strait policy, will not dwell, neither made any resolution, no proposal to freeze Taiwan independence platform. In addition to showing that the DPP saw the election as more important than anything else, it also proved that the DPP under Cai Yingwen had no intention of adjusting the cross-strait policy at the moment.

analysis indicates that for years the downturn in cross-strait relations, outside the original hope the DPP can in the "whole generation" through the "maintenance of constitutional system in resolution" or "maintaining the status quo, the resolution to goodwill,". This "whole generation" before the last time the DPP central executive committee, and did not put forward the relevant resolutions to "whole generation" of the draft, the party has not made any similar proposals, all generations will certainly not to make any new cross-strait policy resolution, of course this is not accidental, but the DPP the deliberate!

analysis shows that the negative and conservative, to delay change as though fully anti Yang Cai Yingwen "but not meritorious, but no" mentality, also doomed the DPP government, cross-strait relations will not improve the fate.

analysis pointed out that Cai Yingwen took office more than a year, the DPP has always refused to recognize the "92 consensus", never push any benefit or to promote cross-strait exchanges, interaction and cooperation policies and measures, but continue to tighten cross-strait policy; although not in a flagrant way to promote legal independence, but in the International Anti Japanese United "actively promote the" new "Southward Policy" in the economy, trying to reduce the dependence on the mainland's economic and trade; promote the "China" in culture, in the society continue to limit the cross-strait exchanges; and threatened "would never accept a Chinese principle", in such a situation, how could the cross-strait relations better? To "Pro love Taiwan", nature is tell some fantastic tales!

Hongkong China Review society commented that the DPP's "all generation meeting" was a good opportunity for the DPP to release goodwill and improve relations with the mainland. Unfortunately, the DPP gave up the opportunity. The DPP this "whole generation" is the so-called "adhere to the reform, optimistic about Taiwan," amnesty "Chen Shuibian" on the agenda, "Ke Wenzhe terms" will also be submitted for discussion, but saw no one to freeze alone, or abandoned alone". "Independence" does not freeze not abandoned, and the DPP, doomed to not have a normal relationship. The

comments that Cai Yingwen more than a year refused to "92 consensus", cannot open the impasse between the two sides for the new situation is clearly not Cai authorities after nineteen will be ready on both sides. Cai authorities did not release goodwill until the big nineteen, but after nineteen, it was too late.

analysis said that for the cross-strait relations, the nineteen largest Chinese Communist Party is a critical moment, and the Cai Yingwen administration in Taiwan needs to release goodwill as soon as possible in order to improve cross-strait relations. after nineteen, will more effectively promote the "anti independence and promoting reunification" work, Cai authorities to delay change no way out. To be sure, the mainland will have a more intense sense of urgency in resolving the Taiwan issue. Taiwan will feel the change of the situation, and the situation will be a drag and fall. The actual Shangcai authorities do not have much room to choose from.

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Cai Yingwen to Hong Kong media: Nineteen time later