Fan Bingbing's diamond ring hits the hot spot on a hot South Korean screen

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juziyule· 2017-09-20 16:40:17

9 the morning of 16 August, on the day of Fan Bingbing's 36 birthday, Li Chen announced the good news, he proposed to Fan Bingbing's success in micro-blog with the text said: "we always, … …" Fan Bingbing random forwarding and commented: "never, never … …".

this is entertainment for couples in love after more than two years, finally coming into fruition, this wave of food has put everyone into a sweet tooth.

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@ Li Chen immediately, and in the evening Fan Bingbing won the Golden Rooster Award for best actress.


Chinese Vision Award domineering announced, "I don't want the stars in the sky, I want the happiness of the world. "

and then, the attention of the viewer's friends is focused on Fan Bingbing's giant diamond ring.

@ China movie channel

users have said they have never seen such a big diamond ring, poverty limits my imagination, "if the big diamond ring called dove eggs, this diamond ring should be called the bird's nest. "

is not only a Chinese audience, but Korean friends have noticed the bird's nest, too". News by Korean media reprinted, directly boarded the Korean hot search list second.

pictures source see watermark (the same below)

, this is Korean net to Fan Bingbing diamond ring reported.

", however, how does the comments made by Korean Netizens feel so sour?

has something like a brooch and says it's like a murder weapon.

&hellip … H.O.T; … … in the?

" is also difficult for the Korean netizens can get Lenovo … &hellip

; and the net friend questioned, who wears not feel tight???

" gives me such a diamond ring, I would rather die tight right … &hellip

" although each country has a keyboard man, but this is really a Korean comment very sour.

, but I heard the acid could be interpreted as jealousy.

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