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in Nandu yesterday, dad and two daughter slave Wang Fei Ruo in micro-blog sun daughter, read: weekend than usual busy, busy with his daughter, mountains to the sea, but also to accompany her lipstick … …

Wang Xiaofei took his daughter's hand walking in the street scene is very warm.

" small Yue children wearing lipstick Duqi mouth is real Meng Meng da.

" to Fried Eggs holding spatula also quite a kind of mold.

, and no wonder Wang Xiaofei became a true daughter slave.

2014, Wang Xiaofei and Hsu ushered in the birth of small Yue children, a family of three to a quiet and comfortable large photo.

" from the beginning, Wang Xiaofei pet female role was unlocked kuangmo. Micro-blog's style is also crazy sun daughter, hug kiss, snap the baby's growth moment, exudes a full sense of happiness.

and Wang Xiaofei the air will take my daughter to go out to play, when did not walk, let daddy holding pictures ~ (PS: this photo taken in 2014, but the whole picture is inexplicably filled with a breath of time?)

" and small Yue children go swimming

with small Yue children go to Taipei Art Museum

" with his daughter downstairs to a copper squirrel.

from small to large, and her daughter to the seaside to see the sea is also a matter of course.

" is indeed micro-blog as he said, the weekend time is spent with his daughter, but he is more willing to take small Yue children to outdoor activities, feel the sunshine and nature.

in addition to the sun pictures, Wang Xiaofei micro-blog full screen "Yue", not to express their feelings, revealed between the lines are in love for her daughter and miss.

listened to Jay Chou's "Mermaid", wrote: my little Yue child is my only her Mermaid, the passions is my the passions of her happiness, pain is my pain and happiness. My favorite song, because it reminds me of my Mermaid like daughter. Waiting is for the final reunion.

listened to Pu Shu's "journey", and thought of her daughter: as long as the small Yue children not tired, father never tired, never lost in the deep valley.

" to see the film about her daughter with her father, affectionately wrote: he son, father is because you

" I love Yue son, who can understand?

" is probably Wang Xiaofei grew up in doing business in the home, little time with the family, and now, his because of work reasons, can not always accompany in the family, so he was so cherish family and chance. So there is a "img_box

", in order to accompany her daughter one day, Wang Xiaofei got rid of the temporary ticket!

" s no wonder in time to talk about her daughter with a little jealousy of ~

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