Worst publicity in history? Nikon was only discriminated against for one picture

Nikon ZA

weifengwang· 2017-09-20 19:05:17


is still a lot of work of equal pay for equal work between men and women, but it is undeniable that the attention to talent in art photography industry, and the ability to work there should not be any difference of just recently in promoting their Nikon D850 camera, to make such a stupid mistake, let netizen they think Nikon's gender discrimination against women.

, in order to promote D850 professional cameras, Nikon has come to 32 professional photographers as brand ambassadors. But surprisingly, all 32 men are male. Published in the Instagram promotional photos, we saw the two rows are all men, which attracted a lot of users response. Some people think that Nikon is discriminating against women, and immediately find 32 excellent female photographers, and that women can shoot excellent pictures, too. More serious is many users comments and even extended to the whole matter of photography, a photography company often look for a male photographer as brand ambassador, the forum is uniform to invite men to explain.

" in addition to Internet users in the Instagram message ridicule Nikon, Nikon will launch a women asked the appropriate version of D850, the body will be pink? According to CNN9, 14, Nikon said in its recent annual earnings that only 10.6% of its workforce is female, and that it has set a goal to increase the proportion of female employees to 25% by 2021. To quell the noise, Nikon removed some publicity Ins.

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