Be vigilant! The Indonesian military forces all soldiers to watch anti Communist documentaries

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Indonesia government banned the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) has been 51 years, but it is still a sensitive issue in the local. According to Indonesia, "Jakarta post" reported that the Indonesian military before the instructions show anti Communist documentary Indonesia "930 party" (Pengkhianatan G30S/PKI) event, forcing all soldiers to watch.

Brig. Gen. Wuryanto, spokesman for the Indonesian army, said such mandatory screenings were crucial to disseminating a correct view of history. "September 30th is an important day in Indonesia.". These days, for the historic event of September 30, 1965, we have done a lot of work on a number of historical distortions. "He said.

in Indonesia reported screenshot reign of former president Suharto, the film director Arifin C. Noer produced by Indonesia in 1984, when Suharto tells how to defeat the Indonesian Communist Party coup, and after a crackdown. Today, the "9 30 incident" is still a sensitive topic in Indonesia, and many details and facts are still inconclusive. It is reported that the Suharto administration had supported the film 800 million rupiah (about 400 thousand yuan).

Suharto (data plan)

Indonesia military spokesman said, this film can provide critical information on that fateful day in what happened, especially for the young generation, they did not receive adequate education for the citizens affairs.

"Jakarta globe" website said 18 days, the military plan is controversial in Indonesia, although there has been a lot of criticism, but also some people think that the show is to learn the lessons of history.

although Indonesian President Djoko Widodo also endorsed this military plan, but Djoko, also showed a remake of this film will want to. According to the "Jakarta globe" reported, zuoke said the documentary controversial 1984 should be shaped into a more understandable version.

Indonesia President Djoko Widodo (information China @

fact, visual) during the reign of Suharto, the students had to watch this movie.

it's important to watch historical films. But the documentary should be redone so that the younger generation can understand &hellip more easily; … let them understand the dangers of communism and let them know the Indonesian Communist party. "Djoko said.

this Monday (18 days), according to the Indonesian national army commander in chief Gatto Normantillo (Gatot Nurmantyo) directed, the film has begun to show in the military institutions. gatto had previously said that Indonesia has been interior minister Zagyo (Tjahjo Kumolo) license.

and zuoke @ Chinese gatto visual

according to the "Jakarta post" reported, according to the instructions, the film will also broadcast on public television in the evening of September 30th. Fellow of the Asia Pacific and Global Strategy Research Institute

Chinese academy Xu Liping 19 days of "Global Times" said that from the existing Indonesian army regulations, the Indonesian military watch documentary no problem, but to watch the Suharto era documentary is a problem. Xu Liping said, "9 30 incident" there are many disputes, in fact, there are many secret materials show that the incident was not launched by the Indonesian Communist Party, the CIA behind the plan.

Xu Liping said publicly, gatto often speech, his speech is a national security issue, occasionally out of extreme and incomprehensible speech, such as he had claimed to take the sea "Chinese refugees" sharks.

Indonesia's Communist agenda has been very sensitive in Indonesia, and has even been used by domestic political parties in indonesia. It is worth noting that the Indonesian capital of Jakarta more than a thousand people 17 days of evening 9 when surrounded by non governmental organizations "Indonesia legal aid organization foundation (YLBHI) office, demonstrators clashed with police officers once the conflict, a number of police officers were injured, dozens of people were arrested.

refers to the Internet rumors will be held in 1965 to discuss the Indonesian massacres seminar, and refers to the members of the committee is "the remnant", but this will be completely denied these accusations.

19, the Indonesian government warned the parties not to stir up trouble, and urged the public not to be people to the issue of incitement. According to Indonesia, "" Kompas reports, legal and human rights minister arthorn said: "all the 19 days and the related issues are all. Why are we still let it (CPI) inexorably hangs on.? Where is the party? "

said authorities in 1966 banned the CPI, so this issue has been not what to fear.

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