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Robbed 4 times a year, the Chinese shopkeeper unbearable, made a decision

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guanchazhewangzonghe· 2017-09-21 07:10:26

according to New Zealand tinway News reported on September 20th, after the robbery and assault 10 times, a convenience store owner Tao Liu New Zealand Waikato feel intolerable, was forced to make a bold decision - shop no longer sell cigarettes.

photograph: tinway network

Liu has two sons, 8 years ago, he bought the house in the suburb of Horotiu convenience store, which has become the source of one family camp students.

's Liu store might have been robbed one or two times in a year, but in the past year his store has suffered four robberies.

every time the robbers wear masks and carry weapons. The first and second, the robbers were armed robbery, and the third was the use of hammers. On Saturday morning, they experienced fourth robberies, and the robber used an ax.

Chinese owner Tao Liu photograph: tinway network

Liu said, give up the sale of cigarettes, may reduce the turnover. But giving up cigarettes sales and income may be safer than their own lives".

"in the face of the robbery, we can only escape, because the law tells us that our resistance has no meaning," Liu said, as he rolled up his sleeve, he shows the alarm device worn on the arm to reporters. Liu had probably had 2 robberies in 3 years before

, but now it's the tenth time. Each time the robber's targets were clear, they took away all the cigarettes and cash, and had taken away chocolates and a cell phone.

photograph: tinway network

in a robbery recently in Liu and not in the store. But his employees were then chased by a robber with axes, while another stole 8000 dollars worth of cigarettes and tobacco. The last straw, which is over Liu

he said the robbers at any time, they can expect, also frightened people.

, after several robberies, Liu had to face the prospect of rising premiums for the store, while he lost his annual no claims bonus. Liu not only lost thousands of new cigarettes in the robbery, but also had to reimburse the front door area of the store for insurance, and each time he had to pay 2500 dollars in damages.

Te Kowhai Sharlene Decke was the local residents the convenience store owner, she thinks the robber crime also makes community safety is threatened, because in the convenience store within 100 meters is a daycare and a primary school.

Decke said, "this for our children is really too dangerous, because these things on Monday to 3 p.m. Friday occurred, it was the children's school time, if these robbers drove escape after the robbery, they are likely to hit our children in the community in terms of this to everyone a threat".

Decke believes that Liu has suffered an economic loss, but the whole community will back him up. "Liu give up sales of cigarettes will be a huge impact on his income, but it is not only to his shop to buy cigarettes, they will buy groceries, we will support his decision," Decke said, "Liu will even face a loss of business results, but if he no longer continue to operate so, our community will lose a convenient place to buy groceries".

Decke talked to the police, who believed the convenience store was a target of robbery because of its location in the suburbs, which provided the robbers with multiple escape routes. "Maybe we can install cameras in and out of the city, so we can capture the people and the pictures," Decke said.

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