What is the impact of pregnancy induced hypertension and diabetes on pregnant women and fetuses?

Diabetes pregnancy fetus hypertension

jiatingyishengzaixian· 2017-09-21 08:16:09

family doctor online: pregnancy, hypertension, diabetes, pregnant women and the fetus what is the impact? Will it affect the development of the fetus?

Chen Dunjin: you just mentioned the pregnancy induced hypertension patients, because it will lead to premature birth, will lead to stillbirth, of course it will lead to some problems after him, is a theory of our British professor Barker David proposed the most famous, is Kazakhstan theory, then these adults these diseases are originated from the fetus in uterine cavity inside the environment.

same, we are in the development of diabetes, of course, if you control the bad blood sugar, the high blood sugar environment in the palace, of course, will affect the child's present and his future.

family doctor online: if the first pregnancy is pregnancy induced hypertension, diabetes, then the second child will occur this situation?

Chen Dunjin: for the first time in general, preeclampsia is the first increase in blood pressure. Then the second pregnancy is seven times higher than the average crowd. Although we can't get it out for the first time, do you have eclampsia for the first time, and the second one will definitely have pre eclampsia, that's not necessarily. But at least we know she has a seven higher rate of pre eclampsia than the general population. Similarly, in our first pregnancy, there were second pregnancies with diabetes, and these risks increased by four to six times as many as diabetes.

(Chen Dun, director of Obstetrics, Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University,

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