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wind direction abrupt change! Last night, the central bank on the property market position,

9 19 evening, the property market and then spread the news: the central bank suddenly expressed its position on the property market, Beijing to support the first suite floating interest rates!

according to "CCTV" and other media reports, to come forward to declare that the "people's bank business management department" (equivalent to the central bank Beijing branch). According to

reported: Recently a number of banks in Beijing have raised the first suite loan interest rates, after adjusting the first suite loan interest rates higher than the benchmark interest rate of 5%-10% has become a mainstream phenomenon, the people's Bank of business management department today (19 days) in the evening, the mortgage interest rate adjustment is the background of bank in Beijing City, the strict implementation of the regulation of the real estate market, the market interest rate the overall rise, according to changes in the market, the level of funding their asset liability management taken by the autonomous behavior, consistent with the policy requirements and guidance, the business management department of people's Bank to actively support.

"the people's Bank of business management department also said:"

from the mortgage interest rate adjustment time and adjustment, the banks to transfer funds according to the change of cost, competition situation, market size, business strategy and management of assets and liabilities to the whole, part of the bank to raise the mortgage interest rates through the compression of individual housing loan business the scale, increase support for the real economy credit.

from the specific level of interest rates, banks according to their cost, the independent pricing differences, large banks with lower capital costs, the first set of housing loan interest rate floating rate is relatively small, generally as the benchmark interest rate of 5%; small and medium-sized bank funds cost pressure, the first set of housing loan interest rates generally is the benchmark interest rate of 10% or above.

since September 14th, some banks in the capital began a new round of mortgage interest rates, mainly for the first suite of mortgage interest rates, generally raised 5%~10%, individual banks even go up 20%.

agency monitoring, as of yesterday, Beijing has 30 banks to increase lending rates first suite:

Jiangsu bank, Ping An Bank and the bank has suspended the mortgage application;

HSBC, industrial and commercial bank, Guangdong Development Bank, agricultural bank, Bank of Beijing, Chinese bank, postal savings bank, construction bank is 1.05 times;

Hang Seng Bank, Hangzhou bank, Minsheng Bank, Nanjing bank, China Everbright Bank, Bohai bank, Woori Bank, CITIC Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank is 1.1 times;

Bank of East Asia is 1.15 times

; Xing Industrial Bank, Citibank, Bank of Tianjin, bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of communications, Beijing agriculture and commerce, Huaxia Bank, China Merchants the bank to maintain the benchmark interest rate.

now has 8 banks up 5%, 9 banks rose 10%, 1 banks rose 15%.

in addition to Beijing, continue to improve the level of first mortgage interest rates in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other areas of commercial banks, the first mortgage interest rates higher than the benchmark interest rate of 5%-10%, has become a common phenomenon in the city focused on the regulation of the national real estate market.

this means: China's property market regulation has entered the most stringent stage, in hot cities just need to buy a house, but also subject to restrictions.

of course you can choose the full house, but how many people can do it?.


central bank. What does that mean?

someone might ask, "what does the central bank mean?" Why not by the head of the central bank to come forward, the national key cities floating first suite interest rates expressed support, but by the "Beijing branch" expression for the Beijing area floating first suite interest rates support?

there's a reason for that.

in mid June this year, there was one thing: the leadership of the State Council instructions, by the national development and Reform Commission's "price supervision, inspection and Anti-monopoly Bureau" interviewed the industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing branch.

the reason is that there is a "market interest rate pricing self-discipline mechanism" in the "banking circle" of Beijing, and the "leading line" is the Beijing branch of icbc. This "self-discipline", the main bank of Beijing reached two on:

first, loans to the public interest rate of not less than 0.9 times the benchmark lending rate;

second, agreed the ceiling on deposit rates and personal loan interest rates first suite discount (less discounts);

at the Bank of Beijing development and Reform Commission to cancel the public interest rate "is not less than 0.9 times the benchmark lending rate limit, and explain the agreed deposit rate ceiling and the first suite of personal loan interest rate discount the necessity.

6 month 17 days, Xinhua news agency also broadcast an electric version of the title is "part of the bank's first suite of mortgage interest rates go up 10% people just to be affected," said

should not be the purpose of regulation in order to suppress the just, if frequently take "across the board", may cause injury, "just people belonging to vulnerable groups to purchase, should allow them to afford housing, live main rooms. "

, the parties concerned should be" financial institutions will be the first suite of mortgage interest rates are also raised, "the practice of intervention … … thus supporting the purchase of the first suite just need customers enthusiasm.

visible, at that time Beijing banks to reduce the first suite of loan discounts, and even floating interest rates approach, senior does not recognize, think this will "curb just need"".

only after 3 months, "people's bank business management department" through CCTV propaganda, support the practice of Beijing banks, obviously means high-level view of the property market once again adjust.

so, what's the reason for the adjustment? The financial strategy that is mainly the following reasons: the first

will be held in mid October.

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