Insurance! Japanese invaders abandoned shells mixed with waste, the risk was burned

Mortars power Japan

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new culture Yanbian news (reporter Yang Wei correspondent Ye Zhenyu) a Japanese legacy of mortar shells, was buried in the forestry waste heap almost was sent to the boiler! In September 17th, Wangqing County had a thrilling scene, thanks to the staff in time, the police arrived in time, otherwise, the cannon exploded, blowing up a building may be!

sudden "shells" terrified workers

9 17, Wangqing County Katie power plant staff Jia alarm said: "boiler inlet found a shell, the complexity of the situation, ask the police. "After the alarm, the command center of Wangqing County Public Security Bureau immediately assigned district police station rushed to the scene.

this enterprise is a biomass power plant, the principle of power generation is to use agricultural, forestry and industrial waste as raw materials, and adopt direct combustion or gasification to generate electricity energy. The police rushed to the scene to understand, was responsible for feeding the workers with special vehicles will waste straw, fungus bag and wood and other combustible items from the yard to the feeding mouth, ready to be poured into the material feeding port of the transmission equipment, the material is transferred to the boiler in the process of a metal material goods transported in the moment holding electromagnet equipment. The worker who was responsible for delivering materials to the boiler found abnormal conditions from the monitoring equipment and quickly stopped the delivery. He went to the vicinity of the electromagnetic equipment to check that it was a "cannonball" which was entrapped in the waste material.

change danger into safety EOD police rushed to the police station rushed to find shells surface rust, corrosion serious, suspected weapons left by the Japanese invaders. As the Japanese invaders in China have made and used a large number of gas, bacteriological weapons, so from the rusty shell appearance, it is impossible to determine whether the artillery belongs to shrapnel or chemical bombs.

because there is no EOD experience, the area police immediately report the situation of Wangqing County Public Security Bureau Command Center, Wangqing County Public Security Bureau police brigade responsible for EOD immediately assigned to the work of the police rushed to the scene to deal with Lin xiu. Professionals to run, the shell will soon be removed and installed to the safe deposit box in the special custody.

according to Lin Xiu introduction: "this kind of artillery is the Japanese invaders 97 type 150mm medium-sized mortar shells, this shell is a kind of shrapnel, only bullet weight is nearly 24 kilograms, the explosion is very powerful.". We often see the Japanese invaders in the film commonly used mortars, only 90mm caliber, the artillery shells fired power is not large. "

alarm Jia said:" fortunately, enterprise to the boiler feed port fuel transfer device has a metal detector and adsorption device, and the worker is in charge of, if the explosion shells into the boiler, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. It is reported that "

, Wangqing County Public Security brigade seized in 2016, and all kinds of waste ammunition left, 32 pieces, of which the Japanese invaders left gas bomb 3 (Shanghai troops), self destruct 29 artillery shells. This year the public security police brigade Wangqing eliminate all kinds of waste ammunition left, alarm 17.

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