Fight really hard! To carry out combat training ground Pakistan Air Force

Chinese air force Pakistan air defense missile

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" Pakistan Air Force to carry out offensive ground combat training

Xinhua news agency in Urumqi on 20 September, September 20th (Huang Shubo, Li Kaiqiang) 12 pm, Chinese Air Force stationed in Xinjiang Airport raised a green flare, Chinese two air force Flying Leopard fighter mounted live the sky, the Pakistan air force two fierce dragon fighter followed into the sky. The two sides around the "defense of important ground targets, fierce confrontation &hellip in the vast area radius of hundreds of kilometers; … Pakistan Air Force" Eagle - VI "soldier (machine) for joint training ground combat courses launched offensive. The reporter saw in the

China joint training command center, China leopard fighter in the AWACS air command and F - 11B aircraft flying with the cover toward the goal, take the defense task Pakistan fierce dragon fighter posture well against preparation, attachment of ground anti air missile troop, radar mobile troops and electronic warfare troops emergency response, rapid deployment, the battle of wits, both sides played inextricably involved. According to

China headquarters personnel, the offensive ground combat training with tactical background, director of the Department of defense only, both offensive and defensive "back to back", in a real fight real anti test in their tactics.

from the command center of the big screen to see aerial bombs accurate hit target, both Chinese and Pakistani command staff jointly applauded. The Chinese training detachment commander major general Wang Yanqi told reporters that the two sides of participants in joint training in barrier free communication, coordination, communication without reservation, in a time of a confrontation, learn from each other, the two sides have no small gains in combat training. Pakistan training detachment commander brigadier general Imran said that since 2011 to carry out joint training from Pakistan Pakistan Air Force, the Air Force combat ability is more and more prominent, has become an important force in safeguarding regional security and stability.

Pakistan Air Force joint training began in September 7th, the two sides sent nearly 40 more fighters, air force dispatched Chinese annihilates - 11 - 200 aircraft, air marshals, Pakistan air force dispatched "Xiaolong" mirage "fighter, offensive air-to-air combat and close air support for warfare, offensive air to ground combat, red blue" system against the exercise subject.

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Fight really hard! To carry out combat training ground Pakistan Air Force


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