"Completely destroy the DPRK" will seriously threaten the security of China and korea!

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tengxunjunshi· 2017-09-21 11:21:21

President Trump, at the United Nations on Tuesday, threatened to "completely destroy the north". This is not what the world expected of the president of the United States (

). North Korea has said it can develop nuclear technology in the United States with the aim of deterring Washington, and the United States should not, in turn, contest the language threat with North korea.

we understand President Trump's anger at North Korea's actions. In fact, China is firmly opposed to North Korea's nuclear control and has participated in the UN sanctions against the dprk. But now more and more people realize that pressure on the North Korean nuclear issue cannot be solved by pressure alone, and action should be taken to reduce the tension on the peninsula. Trump's speech struck down hopes that the United States might do something to ease the situation, and he made the announcement that the United States was trying to crush North Korea, in the face of the United nations.

" very sorry, the facts have proved that Pyongyang alone pressure is daunt, only to limit pressure it is likely to be the result of the outbreak of a bloody war.

the Chinese and Koreans will strongly oppose the outbreak of the war, and "completely destroy the DPRK" will be an ecological disaster in Northeast Asia, and nuclear pollution will engulf Northeast China, Shandong Peninsula and South korea. So it is the president's responsibility to avoid such a war, not to prove the ability to carry out such a war and win it.

North Korea is not an island in the sea, but in Northeast Asia it is equivalent to a house in a densely populated area. America's remoteness of the oceans and its neighbors with China and South Korea are naturally different from the feeling that the house was completely destroyed by a war. However, if Washington does not understand the desire of the DPRK neighbours to peacefully resolve the Korean nuclear issue, it is a serious strategic selfishness.

the Chinese want the Korean nuclear issue "soft landing", which is sacred. It is a distant from Washington and the world any "kill it" the remotest corners of the globe roar more confident. If the final outbreak of large-scale nuclear war on pollution, then Pyongyang and Washington are on Chinese northeast and Shandong Peninsula and the South Korean people's public crime.

peace is the highest moral, and through the bloody war to eliminate potential security threats, this logic in twenty-first Century can not help but say is crazy. The United States may have the capability to "wipe out" North Korea, but it is a real victory to use it to solve the North Korean nuclear issue than to use it.

dares to be ruthless towards North Korea and dare to use nuclear weapons against it. It does not need wisdom. Since the United States insisted on leading the world, then Washington has an obligation to meet the interests of all mankind to solve the way this problem, not only put pressure on it, it is impossible to "destroy" it, let the surrounding countries bear at the huge pain.

the sharp opposition to intense mutual threat alive today people almost never seen degree. And the United States has an overwhelming military advantage over the DPRK. If Washington is worried about the security of the United States, will North Korea's insecurity be more serious than the Americans? If the president of the United States does not calm down, is it possible for the top Korean leader to exercise restraint?

Washington or too superstitious to the strength of the United States, where elite collective knowledge is about: as long as the full release of the strength of the United States can produce pressure, can be issued to the world, overwhelmed by all confrontation with the United States will. But the geopolitical laws tell us that certain changes in the other cannot be enforced by war threats, and that when they touch the bottom line of the other's core interests, the pressure is met with desperate resistance. Since his arrival in the White House, President Trump has shown some of the realism and boldness that American presidents did not have in the past, but certain weaknesses in his Asian policy are also evident in the doubt of the

. For example, since he took office, the Korean nuclear issue has been seriously intensified.

of course, Pyongyang is equally responsible for the escalation of tension on the peninsula, and it is a fantasy that it hopes to speed up the nuclear missile test and break the deadlock. The world will not allow North Korea to become a legitimate nuclear power. The mountain, North Korea, is doomed to fail.

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