Hollywood set up anti Russian organization? Video "Declaration of war""

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guanchazhewang· 2017-09-21 11:21:42

said, "Morgan Freeman is certainly not a stranger. His voice is magnetic and active in the background of various documentaries.".

he made a wise old man image played a prisoner, President and &hellip &hellip

20 local time in the United States, a Morgan Freeman as the main speaker video quietly boarded the major video website. The content of the video is shocking, because Morgan, Freeman in the video of a clear-cut anti russian.

in the video, Freeman came up and said, "we're at war."! "

(Freeman anti Russian video source: CIR video) after

, Freeman told a story with a magnetic voice. The story of general logic is as follows:

1, former KGB spy Putin because of the collapse of the Soviet Union or in the heart, in the post Soviet regime be promoted step by step to be president, and determined to revenge.

2 and Putin, when they were president, did nothing to beat the world democratic governments and destroy the credibility of the Democratic media.

3, the president (Trump) should investigate Russia and protect the United states.

4, the American people to up to defend democracy!

, why would Freeman want to record such a video? After surveying the observer network, it turned out to be a new organization that wanted to make a good start.

see the top left of the video CIR, CIR full name The Committee to Investigate Russia, translated into Chinese, is to investigate the Russian committee.

, we looked at the organization's website and found it was not a government organization.

, which claims to be a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, is designed to alert the American people to the threat of russia.

" (the source: CIR

) but after the observer network to continue mining, found the main founder of the Committee have so few.

1, Rob Rainer (Rob Reiner), Hollywood director, representative of "long live rock", "bitchy lover", "bucket list".

2, James Krape (James Clapper), the U.S. National Intelligence Director during the Obama administration.

3, Max Butt (Max Boot), a military historian, once said that Trump was too stupid to be president.

4, Charlie Sykes (Charlie Sykes), conservative commentator, spy langpu.

" (source: Huffington left for Rob Rainer, post

) have a common point, either defense or supporting Hilary trump, … … it is a "non partisan"

CNN reported, Lerner said: "whenever we the country is attacked, our politics always stalled. So I began to contact real patriots, not politicians. Our country is under attack. We must unite! "

video came out, also attracted the attention of russia.

, Dmitry Peskov, President of Russia, said: "these writers are so emotional that they don't know the truth at all," according to the British telegraph. Paskov. They think of themselves as victims, even into some sort of Mccarthy atmosphere. The video information is groundless, too emotional … … "

of the United States Trump supporters of this video open laugh mode.

YouTube broadcast master Mark Dice scoffed, if you want to shoot the video, you have to take the mobile phone sideways, otherwise there will be a black two ugly! In addition, the Hollywood

he said Freeman and the liberal were infected with a disease called "free stupid" (Libtard) … &hellip

(Mark Dice, YouTube video source:

) another YouTube broadcast Paul Joseph Watson said, these people say Russia with false news to attack the United States, in fact this sentence is false news … … he also cited research at the Stanford University said the false news main beneficiaries are Hilary, because the majority of false news is in Trump's attack.

Watson also ridiculed the Liberals have said they did not listen to Trump, the &hellip …

" (source: Wikileaks founder Assange, twitter)

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Hollywood set up anti Russian organization? Video "Declaration of war""

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