A chain of light machine guns for playing shells. The code name is X11"

The United Kingdom L7 Phil mg3

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in the end of the Second World War, the British army has two main infantry machine guns: Bren LMG and Vickers. These weapons have proved their value, and Van Buren is particularly popular, while respected Vickers continues to be a reliable force.

1944, operation market garden in Bren

1945" in the two years was Vickers gun

Bren gun shooting test

Germany Wessel (recommended WIFI watch

20 century at the end of 40s, the British army was aware of the Soviet threat to Western europe. In 1947, the new chief of the army, marshal Bernard ·, and Montgomerie, wrote an article based on intelligence estimates that the Soviet Union might be prepared for a full-scale war, outlining plans for armaments.

Montgomerie believes that Britain has only ten years to develop new weapons, and that the Soviet Union will be able to restore its weapons until it has been able to invade western europe. Therefore, the British military believes that the reorganization needs to be completed by the end of 1950s.

.280 EM-2

large caliber rifle budget project started at the same time, the project also carried out in light weapons. Including individualweapon (Infantry Personal Weapon) — — to try to develop a new intermediate caliber rifle, IPW finally produced Jansen EM-2, a bullpup rifle caliber.280, which is short for No. type 9 rifle.

but because of the change in the political environment, the FN FAL rifle was finally finalized, which is a long and fascinating story at the other end. Along with the IPW program, the British developed a.280 caliber sustainable shooting machine gun.

TADEN is a machine gun bullet chain Bren ammunition derivative, launch new.280 bullets, by Harold Turpin (Harold Turpin, · the name of the source of the T machine gun weapon design agency (Armament), Design Establishment, AD in the name of origin of machine gun) and grace Field (Enfield, EN in the name of origin design) (translator's note: is our designer Turpin Gordon). As the IPW project was canceled, TADEN was abandoned, but its design greatly influenced the subsequent X11.

.280 caliber TADEN gun (from Royal Armouries)

1953 in April, is a public demonstration of the TADEN

another major light weapons program is looking for a machine carbine the new (or submachine gun). After comparing the designs from Stryn, BSA and Henderson, Stryn was finally finalized as L2.

in addition, one of the main light weapons programs was to find a new machine gun program. During the war, Germany's MG34 and MG42 were impressed by the allies, and the United States even copied the T24 machine guns. In the middle of the 1950s, after giving up the EM-2 and TANEN machine guns, Britain issued a new design specification for a light, sustainable shooting machine gun that fired the 7.62x51mm bomb that was recently adopted by the NATO.

MG42&mdash — imitation; design team T24

gun Enfield Royal small arms factory R & D elastic chain Bren feed derivative. The X11 prototype gun attempts to convert Van Buren's mature design into weapons capable of sustained firing.

X11 conducted a series of improvements to Broome, including the addition of a detachable buttstock / handle / trigger assembly, can replace the traditional trigger with spade grips, the weapons can be fixed on the three foot sustained firing. This also led to more grip on the pistol than the traditional one.



X11E4", the bimonthly type trigger

appears in the middle of 1950s, the British military general machine gun called the sustainable (Sustained Fire Machine Gun machine gun shooting, SFMG). From the existing photos, L4 and X11 use the same barrel with a unique flame hood. All the cartridges of the prototype guns appear to have been milled to fit the high power optical sight.

" to replace the spade handle, installed on the three foot X11E2, pay attention to the main disadvantage of installed high magnification optical sight

X11 is the feed mechanism of it: its

pluck plate and driven by a gas piston the vertical rotation

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A chain of light machine guns for playing shells. The code name is X11"

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