Which is more important, the equipment and discipline of Byzantine heavy cavalry?

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in 526 ad, the Persian Empire used the religious question as an excuse, but in fact it was because of a dispute over the territory of Armenia with the Byzantine Empire, and waged war against the latter. During the battle of ad 528, the Persians succeeded and destroyed the fortress on the Byzantine border. Before the victory of the fall under the jurisdiction of the Sassanid army, a total of 40 thousand people in the city under the command of commander Pohl Ze J, Dara, an area to the city of Byzantium and. Dallas City is the military character of the fortress, the defender is belisarius. There were 25 thousand people in his hands, apparently hopelessly outnumbered. Therefore, the Persian generals very proud, polzeath even wrote to Bailey Sarius, he burned bath water await you in Dallas city.


decided against Belisarius Belisarius. Considering the poor quality of his own infantry, the cavalry's strength was guaranteed, so he dug a few "creative" trenches. Thus, when the Persian army launched an offensive, it was necessary to contact the two wings of the Rome army. After that, the infantry Belisarius placed in the central front trenches by post. The ditch could protect him from a much smaller number of infantry than the Persian army, and also allow infantry to gain support from the walls near them. Not only that, when the Persians of Persia attacked the flanks, the infantry behind the trenches could also provide remote fire for the Roman's wings.

is arranged in the Byzantine heavy cavalry wings extending trench, and each wing behind, is "a few" figure two at right angles, there were a nomadic cavalry as a support case felipe. Bailey Sarius also set up a Hector loolie cavalry (a time in the Black Sea to the great migration of nationalities, north part joined the Byzantine army, general wear leather armor carrying buckler provide light cavalry, but this does not include the Byzantine Generals private soldier Gruli cavalry, their equipment could be much better, and can heavy cavalry) provide an ambush in the left highland. The center position behind where Belisarius, he fought the strongest private army heavy cavalry - bucellari buchelatti layout as the general reserve there.

"Byzantine double heavy cavalry

first day of the battle is not large, only by the Sassanid Persian warriors to challenge, to carry on a fight. The Byzantine Gladiator's college coach Andreas went against the Sassanids, kill the warrior. Then he killed second of the warriors who had come to challenge persia. The Persians of Persia did not bargain for the night's retreat.

second days, Belisarius to the Sassanid Persian commander wrote a letter expressing the wishes for peace, but this time the Sassanid Persians received 10000 reinforcements, has two times the number in the Byzantine army. Therefore, polzeath nature of Belisarius's request completely ignored, and launched a massive attack.

battle, first of all, the archer of both sides shoot each other. In the arrow rain hit, both sides suffered certain casualties. Persian arrow rain faster, but the Byzantine army's bow and arrow range further, and wear more lethal, and the wind is favorable to the latter, so Persians casualties greater.

commands the shot of the Persian and Byzantine armies unfavorable, heavy cavalry arranged on the wings, and within a few font trench like a trap, a mixed fleet sent cavalry and infantry, first crossing trenches, relying on numerous of left-wing Byzantine heavy cavalry attack. The Persian army had a large army of Cardis Ni (a tribe from the eastern part of Iran) who relied on large numbers to repel the left-wing Byzantine heavy cavalry.

" in the Sassanid Persians and left the Byzantine heavy cavalry fighting at the same time, Gruli Hussar and arrangement of the Byzantine army in the left in reserve horse SA Getai nomadic horsemen immediately and quickly circuitous. The cavalry attacked the Persians from the flanks, while the 300 Gruli cavalry came down from the highlands and returned to the Persian army's left flank. The Persian army, left on the three flank, was forced to retreat after being killed by 3000 people.

on the left are fighting stalemate, polzeath decided to mobilize their own trump card, the Persian heavy cavalry elite "immortal" horse guards. The man wearing heavy armor with horse mounted cavalry in polzeath led, launched by the impact to the Byzantine army right. The Byzantine cavalry heavy cavalry that defended the right trenches was repelled, and then the defending infantry were also repelled. "Immortal" has been chasing the Byzantine cavalry, rushed to the rear of the Byzantine army, even reached the city under tension. If Bailey Sarius did not have a strong enough reserves, so the Persian armored heavy cavalry will give the Byzantine army front from behind with a fatal blow.

" but this time, the Persian armored
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