Korean media: Japan and Taiwan pulled out of China before South Korea

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overseas network on 20 September, because South Korea insists on the deployment of Sade anti missile system, stationed in the China Han state enterprise business downturn. The day before the Korean media reported that influence has spread to the South Korean stock market, diving market relations are closely related to China Korea enterprise market value "". Recently, the Korean media speculation of Korean companies should turn to the southeast, and even praised Cai Yingwen's so-called "New South policy".

according to the South Korean "Korean Daily" news, Cai Yingwen was elected leader of the Taiwan region, officially launched in Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries market "southward policy". This year, the budget of 131 million US dollars has been set up, and enterprises are actively supporting Southeast Asia, hoping to weaken the mainland influence of 40% of Taiwan's exports.

reported that the LG Institute of economic research chief Li Zhiping said: "Korean companies should also get rid of the inertia of the Chinese market rely on to achieve the main market changes.". "

Korean enterprises dying,

forced deployment of the United States and South Korea," "Sade" caused many Korean industry suffered heavy losses, cosmetics, toys, automobile industry, tourism and other hard hit. Korean media said, South Korea is being blown from the wind between enterprise. According to Yonhap news agency

said recently, Hyundai Economic Research Institute for "Sade" the loss of economic accounts calculations, surprising results: if the "Sade" storm, South Korea years China the number of tourists will decrease by 7 million 989 thousand, will suffer direct losses of about 108 billion 600 million yuan, and is expected to have 402 thousand jobs in disappear.

however, the Korean media advocate "from Huafeng" what is the result? In the tourism industry as an example, in March of this year Chinese shelf Korea group tour merchandise, South Korean industry to Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries of tourists as a "life-saving straw".

, according to the Asian economy, says the Korean industry believes they can fill gaps in Chinese tourists. Data show that only in March, South Korea Thailand tourists reached 52 thousand and 503 people, an increase of 12.5%. The media also reported that many businesses in Seoul famous scenic spots will be Chinese Myungdong on slogans into thai. However, good times don't last long Thailand tourists visited Korea in May, only 40 thousand and 320 people, June is reduced to 27 thousand and 860.

"New South" is only a slogan,

for the Korean media praised Cai Yingwen's "New South policy", the situation worse. Cai Yingwen once said, "the New South policy is the stage of Taiwan's foreign trade policy is an important part of the overall and remote target of two, which promote the connection between Taiwan and ASEAN, South Asia and New Zealand and Australia and other countries and regions in economic and trade, science and technology, culture and other aspects, sharing resources, talents and market; on the other hand is to establish dialogue and negotiation mechanism widely.

the island's vision research survey showed that 58.8% of respondents expressed willingness to work outside Taiwan or study or invest in the New South policy, which the CAI authorities consider as the focus of management. There are 51.5% choices to the mainland, higher than the ASEAN region (Vietnam 31.5%, Thailand 24.1%, Indonesia 23.5%, Philippines 15.9%). Among them, 20 to 29 years old respondents to the mainland will also be higher than the overall, 59.5% of the mainland as the first choice.

Cai authorities to tighten cross-strait exchanges, while relaxing Southeast Asian countries to apply for documents to Taiwan measures, hoping that Southeast Asian tourists can make up for the loss of land passengers. However, according to Taiwan's "tourist bureau" statistics, even if Japan and South Korea increased the number of passengers, but because of the length of stay is different, with foreign exchange into the foreign exchange can not be compared. In this regard, "the Taiwan times" Chinese commentary pointed out that Cai authorities fear will lose the wishful thinking. Taiwan new party chairman Yu Muming has issued a document said, "this is our generation in the war people's eyes, Chinese really stood up. "In the case of Taiwan, the Cai Yingwen administration still holds the idea of" against the mainland ", which will only kill the future of Taiwanese people. According to the Taiwan

Online reported that in May this year, Taichung City Agriculture Secretary Wang Junxiong report "Taichung City agricultural product marketing planning and results in the City Council, stressed that" new Southward Policy "to develop new channel, promotion of high-quality agricultural products by Taichung city councilman Zhu Nuanying, Zhang Jing et al in question. They criticized the authorities to abandon the mainland market by Cai export decreased year by year, farmers suffer! Some netizens criticized, Cai Yingwen is the economic development of Taiwan pig teammate, "it continues in Taiwan alone is what" into the tiger ", sooner or later to drown in the economic tide" and "funny aspects of climatic conditions and the state of South Taiwan is little difference? Where is the advantage? "Before develop the mainland market, Taiwan fruit bring high quality, good appearance impression. Now to Southeast Asia Marketing, people feel is worthless, selling more thanks to the more, Taiwan farmers sooner or later will be Cai Yingwen play dead. "

", Taiwan is China, how to get out? "

, of course, in Korean media this report, most users angry or article title. For "Taiwan wants to leave China," netizens say, "Taiwan is China, how do you get out?" And ironically, China wants to get out of china".

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