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2017 in September 11th to September 17th the Japanese game week sales chart / hardware has been released, PS4 new "2018" football with 64 thousand of the sales of the summit top, PS3 version also ranked seventh with a score of 12 thousand. The new 3DS platform

"last week at the Milky Way Warrior: the return of Sams" sold 30855 copies, ranked third. The system from the GB platform game "the Milky Way Warrior II: the return of Sams", Sams alone landed on planet SR388, destroy the powerful variants of the enemy, the picture is completely 2.5D, operation more friendly.

PS4" game "the mysterious sea lost heritage" last week in Japan on sale, sales of 23131 copies, ranking fourth.

PS4 game", "F1 2017" were also released in Japan last week, with sales of 7190 copies, ranking eleventh.

Switch platform "new special edition" riding champion sales of 2626 copies, ranking twentieth.

" is a Japanese game last week following sales: "img_box"

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is Japan last week hardware sales:

hardware sales are still by the Switch leader, sold a total of 44052 units.

source: 4gamer

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