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Zhao Liying William Feng's love that night?

William Feng Zhao Liying Z

juziyule· 2017-09-21 13:21:15

" earlier, Zhao Liying William Feng, had been exposed to close colleagues, recently, some netizens exposed two people in his family spent the night, suspected that love.

William Feng and friends at the end of the meal, came to Zhao Liying home of Zhao Liying

two people in the William Feng family for the night ↓

second morning, near the door still assistant survey ↓

found no abnormality after two people leave &darr before


, Zhao Liying and William Feng was photographed Go back to the hotel, &darr,

, God, is it true that you are in love?

(news source @ Youku entertainment)

last sentence,

, what do you think, ~

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Zhao Liying William Feng's love that night?

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