From Wang Junkai's birthday to see fans bubble when the economy burst?

Wang Junkai economics tfboys LED

caijingnujizhebuluo· 2017-09-21 17:32:36

Chinese team which is stronger. Of course not TFBOYS.

and today, thousands of young girls finally look forward to the moon, looking forward to their husband Wang Junkai's 18 year old birthday. Shortly after 0, hot topics and hot search has been Wang Junkai happy birthday tyrant screen.

in early September 21, 2014, Wang Junkai was 15 years old birthday he released a cover Rene Liu "- to 15 year old his" songs of micro-blog, as of June 19, 2015 was forwarded 42 million 770 thousand times and won the 1 micro-blog information is forwarded up to the Guinness world records.

Wang Junkai's 18 birthday, and today

fans support contract, Wang Junkai ushered in his 18 birthday, in this special day, fans are already excited mood.according mood, to give their love to hold a "amazing" adult ceremony.

proved the release of the fan support plan, this is the birthday celebration really astonishing, grand scenes like small countries to win the battle, subway, ships, private aircraft, and the total contract!!!

" and the Korean fans joined forces to buy Seoul subway station entrance Korea hongdae LED

YouTube" in Japan and South Korea online advertising

" Seoul 7737 road and youth bus 273 bus advertising support class= < /p>

" Japan Tokyo Ginza Bridge Station Exit six LED screen

the capital of Iceland Reykjavik The LED display

Beijing water cube lighting exhibition, Taipei Xinyi District, Shenzhen Happy Valley LED media support video support, Chongqing light rail line 3 whole car theme birthday project, of which there are some helicopter support....

< /p>

" you think it over? Absolutely wrong! When

home or early in the morning, Turkey evening sky, the balloon rises all fans to celebrate the birthday of the king Chun kai. Turkey people's inner shadow area?

Italy Milan street, 66 bus routes, have been captured, for 28 days...

Milan Malpensa International Airport LED, 60 electronic advertising screen full coverage... This is... The first airport an example...

Beijing time 7:20 in the morning, Losangeles 4 pm over Hollywood, dozens of jets in the sky, as Wang Junkai has written 18 times a birthday wish...

inventory" until now, "small money female" means that the heart is tired. The gap between man and man is indeed the difference between heaven and earth. But when it comes to the sky - fans think of it!

K-BOSS station in 60° south; the sky bought 18 stars, and each stars are named, the most powerful is in the air these stars as Wang Junkai letters - "WJK", the first letter of the alphabet. "The pound $francs, a nurse Wang kai. Happy birthday to you。 "Every word is domineering, revealing, fans only hope," the years are long, only wish you safe and carefree, secular prosperity, only you have what you want". Have the world great a favor at the age of 18, this life is not who.

light with the stars is not enough, we also get the little brother to each of the stars are clearly visible, still send a imported telescope, cheap. All feel shy and other star fans greet. Then send a value of 270 thousand and 5, can update the light equipment telescope, what cloudy rainy day haze days, want to see your majesty!

stars with a telescope, Kaikai, or not, or too far away from the space, the fans want him around the universe, let alien civilization also know that the presence of idol on the earth! Well, then send it to heaven! Yes, tomorrow there will be satellites, launched in Nevada, flying over the surface of the earth with the edge of space...

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