What were the Russian troops equipped for in 2023? How do conceptual artists predict?

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hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-09-22 06:24:26

's prediction of the future shape of the weapon has always been a favorite topic, the shape of Russian military equipment envisioned by the Gojkovic design agency (GDB) in 2023.

Gojkovic design bureau is Serbia concept artist Nenad Gojkovic's own studio, specializing in props, vehicles and architectural design for the entertainment industry. He uses techniques similar to those of other artists, but he has made more breakthroughs. Through the appropriate photo theme, the re creation of the weapons, rather than using some of the existing weapons components, so that the completion of weapons more novel and unique.

" this is the future of the "boomerang" infantry fighting vehicles, which estimates the Russian soldiers on the top of the car and then fell down, is dead.

", "shell", "paratroopers", "delivery vehicle", and so on, can they be dropped? Don't drop it. It's difficult to transport by air.

, the upper left corner is the present "BTR-MDM" shell "paratroopers" delivery vehicle.

, the Russian tanks of the future will certainly not be like this, and its prototype is T-14". Light armored vehicles

" this car very sci-fi is actually very likely to become a reality, the prototype is the "lynx" light armored vehicles.

" at the top is equipped with 16 unmanned combat vehicles, anti tank missiles, firepower is fierce.

, Russian general trucks in the future.

, Russian Military Unmanned Helicopter in the future.

", "Russian strategic missile launcher" will become so?

" cockpit are very distinctive.

" use the huge ten axle chassis.

", this is the comparison with the real person.

future soldiers like this shape? Science fiction artist battlefield what

science fiction painter's future weapons, whether we can become a reality in the

universe universal spacecraft science fiction can be so real

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