Crash! The secondary ore card rush out: low price cap

Graphics card ZA

taipingyangdiannaowang· 2017-09-22 06:53:57

although the state has not announced bitcoin virtual currency such as illegal, and only banned renminbi transactions, but the policy change is hitherto unknown for mining industry the impact of a new round of the upcoming disaster.

is currently around the size of the mine (miners mining concentrated place) has already started to exit, there is a large number of second-hand cards to deal with mine.

with graphics mining is a continuous high load calculation task, will cause serious influence on graphics constitution, life, life is often less than 50%, the resulting secondary card although most can be used normally, but it is difficult to guarantee the stability and reliability moreover, it is generally difficult to obtain customer service warranty.

at present, a new round of second-hand mine card is pouring into the channel market, in a large number of selling stage, the scale is usually thousands of pieces, thousands of pieces of hand, the price is very low.

reportedly, is currently a GTX 1060 second-hand mine card throw price is only about 800 yuan, , only half of the new card, or even lower, looks cheap, but it is a pit.

also is of the multi machine contains multiple video cards in the selling price of 3000-4000 yuan , but because of this kind of system is simple for mining, then the value is not large, but also to be cautious.

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