Core! How many low school kids do you miss by making the information you miss?

Lucky to study abroad Z

liuxuexiaozhan· 2017-09-22 07:02:42

finds out that your classmates are not as good as you, but

has applied for a better school than you.

, what's your mood?

rolling bar? No accident?

every year there are a group of people,

, they may not be particularly high GPA,

, but can apply for a high demand for GPA elite,

exactly why?

a lot of time,

school will be due to enrollment expansion or recruitment, etc.,

will reduce admission standards,

, and this is the opportunity!

do you want to have this information? Does

want to be the lucky guy who is admitted to a lower school?

, we'll give you the chance!

offer study abroad application case, interpret small program.

contains three countries to apply for British Australia case,

big data drop "depression is found for the first time for you".

pokes into the school home page for detailed GPA information.

" can be more open "depression" timely notice,

never miss a chance,

seize every opportunity!

sweep, you can open your "depression" opportunities!

download [uker] mobile phone client, access to international headlines, offline query universities and professional information, to study in the UK in the hands of!

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