Have a lovely daughter, and dress her like that again......


jiatingyishengzaixian· 2017-09-22 10:26:55

if you had a daughter, how would you dress her? On the Internet there is a fashion Hot Mom from Russia, for their 2 year old daughter Oksana dressed all kinds of, sometimes Princess fan, sometimes casual fan, very cute!

stars are born with blue eyes is really adorable to Oksana, no ~

doing the little face, then sell adorable...

Oksana see Princess fan, gorgeous and elegant dress is indispensable to

" and occasionally holding mother cosmetic put a small brush or other roses Oh

" as a ballet skirt like a small skirt, wearing on Oksana indescribably sweet little Shaqun ~

< /p>

harness paragraph, with a bow of small hairpin, incarnation cute doll...


" beautiful print dress does not put, wearing lady full of temperament!

wearing a jacket, Oksana can also cool!

" even casual is no lack of Lady temperament, playful and naughty ~

and mother Bimei, Amy gene is so strong (laughing ~)

is so cute Oksana fascinating ~ if you have a small cotton padded jacket," "just give her this dress!

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