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The game the strongest NBA NBA basketball

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The best way to

" has always been to let the two basketball fans quarrel is, ask them: Kobe and James who is the strongest? Of course, just kidding, after all, in each fan's heart is one of the strongest, he may not have the most gorgeous data, but must cherish the most persistent faith, engraved in countless people's youth! Come on, tell us who is the strongest NBA in your heart. Who is most qualified to speak "the strongest NBA"?!

" has always been a sports game is bound to have a good voice, because of their different characters and pitch traits, very easy to let the game player follow him aura and indulge in the game, and "NBA" to find the strongest spokesperson is the strongest it is particularly important. Now you can choose to vote as long as the mobile phone terminal in the strongest spokesman for you love the game, and in the official website we can see through the cool H5 strongest moments in their.

" in this short period of tens of seconds in the cartoon, we can see the strongest moment Jordan, James et al, Kobe, more can see they received the honor and the most powerful data. I believe in every basketball fan heart there is one of the most powerful him, but most are not necessarily the most gorgeous data and most rings must be one moment a belief in the us from the depths of infection!

NBA as a name of the game, by NBA genuine authority only normal, but in the game more than 30 NBA Hall of fame and legend of all active players, through the unique game style and refreshing action experience, the basketball PVP games to play the biggest charm. And if you like one of those players, then hurry up and vote for the strongest player.

" the

is currently in the voting interface we can see that Kobe has now been way ahead and Jordan and James, followed by Yao Ming, Garnett, Durant, et al. Also the gap is not curitiba. You like basketball, hurry up, , click here, , watch the wonderful players, and vote for them in a moment!

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