"Monster hunter Monogatari" will usher in a new enemy "black hand free update group debut

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-09-22 11:40:14

Capcom producer Tsujimoto Yoshimi announced that the "monster hunter story" will be free to update this winter ushered in the 1.3 version of the new clothing, additional linkage TV animation "Monster Hunter" in the story RIDE ON and the new enemy black hand group.


to celebrate the station address animation "monster hunter story RIDE ON" into the new version of the update, game player can get a new role in "monster hunter in the story" on the cover and Naliqi clothing, new clothing featured ryut and Shoval will also debut.

"monster hunter Monogatari" game with two week "Mirage tower" elements, powerful monsters will occur in combination, the challenge is very high. The updated "Mirage tower" will appear in the animated debut of many riders "black hand".

" and other updates: Monster houses to raise the limit; arena warfare and a substantial evolution model of the rider.

in addition, the "monster hunter story" derived "monster hunter beast with Mobile Games Sarah Monogatari" will also usher in a major update, will add to the country can war "on the battle arena", can not continue playing the "challenge map" and to play with friends "urgent task" three mode.

", "monster hunter story" were released on October 2016, corresponding to the 3DS platform, the game type is RPG. In the game, the player can play with his partner, the cat and the dragon, in the world to launch thrilling adventure.

source: Famitsu, monster hunter's official website

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